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Marriage Return Policy

Monday night I had an interesting conversation with a friend on the topic of marriage amongst the younger generation.

Why are marriages amongst young people failing?


This is a topic I have pondered upon for a few years and have even counseled a few couples who are now married or engaged.  The sanctity of marriage has been violated and desecrated by the influence of hollywood as well as the vain, materialistic, and selfish characters of humans.

Young people are getting married for all the wrong reasons without taking the time to think it through, seek counsel, or praying to seek God’s answer. Day after day, I am hearing that marriages that have not even reached the year mark are already in court filing for divorce.

I have sat down with many engaged couples and their notions on marriage are just wayyyyyyyyyyyyy off. Then, when I get to the core of it all eyebrows go up and wheels start to turn.

I remember sitting my homegirl down and explaining to her that as a wife she must and is required to be submissive to her husband. ( Ladies? Don’t roll those eyes at me!!! Let me explain…)

Now there is a big difference between submissive and subservient. Being submissive to your husband is showing him respect, seeking his counsel, having a dialogue with him on the important decisions and most of all letting him play the role that he was called to play in your life. The men in our lives have been placed there to play the roles of Priest of the household and leader of the flock. We may not like it, but that is what God wants. We need to step out of the way and let them do their jobs.

Wives? Get out of his way and let him be the man God has called him to be. Stop running him & let him be the PRIEST…

Relationships and Marriages call for dedication, prayer and commitment to living with another WHOLE person. I place much emphasis on WHOLE. Many people think that they can change their partners once they are married by manipulating them into what they want them to be. However, it is high time we realize that when we enter a union with someone else, they are not going to change in an instant. People don’t change unless they want to change.

I am not married and quite frankly by choice. I refuse to settle for mediocre when God has promised me his best. I will not marry for companionship. I will not marry for a license to sex. I will not marry to get out of my parent’s house. I will marry for LOVE. God describes marriage as an example of his relationship with the church. God loves the church so much that He sent Jesus to die for us all. Now if that isn’t love then I rather be hated. This is the love that needs to be reflected when others look at our marriages. Those on the outside should be able to feel the love that we have for one another just by looking at us. Marriages begin after the wedding. When all the fanfare and Glitz have faded away, the marriage begins. Are you ready?

Are you ready for his undies being all over the house? Are you ready for her nagging you about the toilet seat EVERYDAY? Are you ready for his friends coming over and leaving their mess all over the coffee table? Are you ready for her 1 hour excursions in the restroom? These are just minor issues in marriages. Yes I said minor. They do get worse.  My aunt, who’s marriage I aspire to, gave me a piece of advice that I share with everyone.

“Do not marry someone you can live with, but marry someone you can not live without.”

If you follow this policy, you will pick up his undies because you can not live without him. You will see her nagging as genuine concern for your wellbeing. You will see things differently because you can not live without each other and you LOVE each other.  My parents have been married 37 years this year and they have had their ups and downs but the love they have for each other has seen them through. They are the true veterans of love. Love that surpasses all understanding. Love that withstands all. Love that is patient and kind. LOVE!!!

LOVE is what I wish for all young couples and singles. Now go out there and save your marriage!

If you aren’t married yet, then sit down and draw up what kind of marriage you would like to have. Do you have all those qualities you have written down? If not, take your singleness and cultivate these qualities so that when God sends you your prince or princess, he or she will find you a WHOLE person.


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