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I am taken aback by the number of church leaders who still possess this notion of banishment when it comes to the sins of women. The story goes that Mary Magdalene was “Caught” in the act of adultery. I prefer to change that to “FRAMED” in the act of adultery. Why?


Well , the story goes that Mary Magdalene was coerced into the life of adultery by the very MEN that were leaders of the church. The same Pharisees that brought her to Jesus to be stoned, were the very ones who were committing acts of adultery with her. Then, when they had had enough and stripped her of her dignity, they took her to the gates to have her killed by a mob of hurling stones.

I must admit that I am not at all surprised. There are many leaders in the church whose sole purpose for being in the church is to pick on those less fortunate than themselves. They search for the most demeaning skeletons in another’s closet and expose them to the church in order to make themselves look righteous. PHARISEES!!!!!

Yes, I said PHARISEES!!!! They still do exist in the church today. Accusing, demeaning, degrading the people of God is their specialty. They just live for the next downfall. I just wonder what Gospel are they proclaiming?

The Gospel of Jesus is all about Mercy, Grace and Restoration. So, why is the Church of Christ excommunicating, destroying and shunning the children of God? Donnie McClurkin sings the message

“We fall down, but we get up. For a saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up.”

This is the true message of Jesus Christ. It is not our job or right to hurl God’s children out of the church for falling down when we ourselves are still down and have yet to get up.

How dare we walk around with pompous attitudes when we have thousands of skeletons in our very own closets? We have no right to tell another that they should not frequent the house of worship because of their past or current condition. Who are you?

Jesus dealt with tax collectors, prostitutes, thieves, adulteresses, liars, fighters, etc. If He who is without sin could embrace these individuals with love and encouragement, who are you to shun these very people away?

The church of Christ needs to take a close look at their practices when it comes to sinners. The Bible states “We have all fallen shortALL not some. ALL not one. ALL not you. ALL!!

It is my prayer that we look deep within our souls and seek God’s face so that He may change this attitude of POMPOUSNESS that we portray to the world as Christians. We are saved and that is something to be proud of. However, let us not forget, it is only the grace and mercy of God that has saved us and not we ourselves. So before you look down on someone else just remember:


Think about it!


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