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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

The bridal gown had been selected. The new home decorated. The bridal party booked. The invitations sent. She was getting married to the town carpenter. A respectable entrepreneur who worshiped the ground she walked on. She was destined to live happily ever after.


But………Yes, there is a but!

There was one major problem.



(Yes, I know the baby in question was God’s Anointed One, but that is not the topic here. The focus here is on the Injustice and scrutiny she faced from her community and her peers.)

What would she tell her fiance?

What would her family say?

What would her friends, church brethren and community think?

I could just imagine the plight Mary faced as a pregnant unwed young lady. How could she face her town  without feeling like an outcast, a let down and a shame to her orthodox Jewish community.

Sadly, many women in our churches are living Mary’s experience. What baffles me is as the church rallies to make her life a “fiery furnace”, there is always one detail that remains unaddressed.


It’s funny that the very church that preaches about the “Injustice” faced by Mary, is the very church that is now delivering this injustice to hundreds of young women in our churches. Unwed mothers are put through the grind and stripped of the joy of bearing a child.




The immaculate conception ONLY HAPPENED ONCE!

The church has been fostering a double standard that is driving many young women out of the church and right into the enemy’s courtyard. We as a church need to eliminate this double standard and hold the fathers just as liable as the mothers in these premature pregnancies. Until we do so, we are giving men the license to strip women of their dignity and get away with it.

Yes it’s a two way street and I understand that she willingly indulged in the act. However, since they both indulged they both should face the “fiery furnace”.

Sin is sin!

There is no sexism in sin.

There is no respecter of persons in sin.

Therefore, everyone should be held accountable for their sins no matter who they are, what leadership role they hold, or what societal class they are part of.

In God’s eyes, we are all the same and that should also be the churches point of view.

Once we start addressing both sides of these issues, we will stop seeing our churches in the 10 O’clock news. We will stop seeing our Ministers, Bishops, Priests and Elders in the courtrooms. Most of all, the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ will cease to be under fire and scrutiny due the cover ups and failures of the church.


Remember, Whatsoever is done in darkness will come into the light.

Think about it!


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