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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

I heard your crys every nite, I felt ur tears as
they dropped from ur eyes. All the times you felt
alone, I just wanted to tell you that I was ur joy.
And not your sorrow. All the times you denied that
I was your own, robbed me of my identity and wish
that I was gone. The days you starved yourself
hoping that I would die. The many times you purposely
fell and I bumped my unfinished head. I reached out
to you with every heartbeat but the louder it got the
harder you tried to cover your ears. Wat did I do to
deserve this punishment. Innocent of any crime
but charged guilty for your sin.  I begged you to
love me, but you hated me because of him. Why couldn't
you give me the chance to live? I could of been a
rapper or maybe a lawyer. God says a
pastor but I guess that's no longer an option. Why me?
The doctor said that I was only 6 weeks, and it was
still early and he gave you time to reconsider. But you
disagreed and aborted me.  I don't blame you for killing
me. I know you were under a lot of pressure and that I
would only add to the fees. But to deprive me of my
happiness and my very being, I disagree. Mommy to be
that you will never be, I left this letter with your
conscience as my history.
(c) copyright August 30, 2007

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