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“Spared”  1 Samuel 15:2-3;9            

Unfortunately, in many ways, we are like Saul in certain aspects in our lives. Samuel, the prophet of God, came to Saul and gave him a command straight from the mouth of God (v. 2-3). He said because Amalek was ambushing the children of Israel, Saul’s job was to completely destroy them. Everything! Men, women, children, infants, livestock, animals, crops, everything single thing. Now, it is very important to acknowlegde exactly who the Amalekites were. The bible dictionary says that the Amalekites were a nomadic race. A group of people just moving about, with no purpose, no main goal nor focus. They attacked the Israelites when they marched through “their” territory. Even since the days of Moses, the Amalekites were like little leeches to the children of Israel.

With no real home, just going back and forth, stopping the children of Israel on their move to what God had for them. So now because of that, God commands Saul to completely obliterate them once and for all. But, Saul decides to save the king, as well as all that was good in his sight (v. 9). Isn’t that something? God told him to completely destroy EVERYTHING, but he saves the best? Doesn’t that sound like some of us? We are told by the word on countless occasions to kind rid of our past sinful nature once we come into the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Many scriptures tell us this: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”….”Forget the former things of old”….”We are no longer slaves to sin, but slaves to righteousness”….and the list goes on. When we come into Jesus Christ, the bible says we are a NEW creature. All things are passed away, and behold all things have become new. ALL THINGS.

We aren’t supposed to be recognized anymore, because of the surgery that the Holy Spirit does on the inside. God tells us to relinquish every thought, every memory, but we save letters, jewelry, pictures, when God says he wants it all gone. I can personally testify to that. In him, I’m a new creature, but I still saved letters, cards, and all that. Why are we still holding onto what we think is “the best?” The common response you would hear is, “these are some of my best moments, sometimes I can sit back and think back.” NO! The reason why many of us still can’t be delivered is because we are holding on, we are SPARING THINGS. Why can’t we be set free?  Because we go home and check the myspace account. Why can’t you let go? Because you’re still wearing that chain or bracelet. You’re still holding on, sparing the very things God wants you to destroy! Delete that phone number, give away that jewelry, cut up those letters. And we wonder why we can’t receive our full blessing? You still keep on to that number, you call them, the flesh rises up, and you end up in sin. You spared it when it was supposed to be destroyed! You can’t get them out of your mind, because that’s a soul-tie that God wants to break off of your life. But since you spared it, because it was nice and you liked it, you are now tied down to it.

Look at the story of Noah’s ark. God wanted to completely wipe out the human race, but he spared Noah and his family in the ark. My question is, what are you trying to keep afloat in your life that should be sunk? This is a word for someone. THAT RELATIONSHIP IS NOT FOR YOU, NEITHER IS THAT GROUP OF FRIENDS THAT NO ONE KNOWS YOU HANG OUT WITH. GOD WANTS IT GONE! ELIMINATED FROM YOUR LIFE!

In the book of Genesis the 18th chapter, starting from verse 16-33, we see Abraham interceeding for a place that God wants to destroy. Let’s be honest with ourselves. There are those of us, who don’t want to see our past destroyed. Don’t want to see God completely rid us of our past sins. Why? There are memories, good times, things to laugh about, tell jokes about, so we want to keep to keep them there. Then we find ourselves praying for the things that God wants to destroy, asking him to keep them. Why is that? Since I like to be real, I’m going to talk about myself. I used to pray that the same person I was sinning with would be my mate. That we’d spend the rest of our lives together. AND YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY EVERYTIME YOU SIN WITH THAT PERSON, THEY LOOK WORSE AND WORSE IN YOUR EYES. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY THOSE PEOPLE JUST AIN’T DOING IT FOR YOU ANYMORE? WHY THIS MUSIC SOUNDING LESS AND LESS APPEALING TO ME? That is your spirit is trying to tell you something. It’s screaming “sin can’t do it for me, I WANT GOD!

Guess what, after every plead, cry and prayer, Sodom and Gomorrah was still destroyed. Stop being so dependent and needy, this is something that a prayer partner can’t help you with, your pastor, nobody. This is something you must do. Look at the trashman. He’s not going to come in your home to take the garbage out, you have to take the garbage to him. You have to make a conscious decision to get up, and take the trash out to the sidewalk. You have to decide in your heart, LORD, take out what’s not like you, create in me a clean heart and renew in me the right spirit. I’m tired of being in the same mess, set me free Lord.

Finally, we see what happens when we go back.

Lot’s wife looked back, and was destroyed, turned into a pillar of salt. Take it a step further, why’d she look back. Memories, good times, etc. Folks, this is the word of the Lord. Take heed, and kill off all those deep things that will hinder you from going forward in God. From receiving your full blessing, from getting your total breakthrough. Put those things on the altar before God, and leave them there. Even as you’re reading this, you can get on your knees at your computer screen and tell God to clean you out. The word says obedience is better than sacrifice. Obey the word of the Lord today, and do not spare those things that he wants you to get rid of.

I pray that this word fell on good soil, that that it bares fruit, in Jesus name, Amen.                                                                                                                                  

    -Andrew John 


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