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I have been brought up as a Seventh-Day Adventist for over 10 years. In those ten years I have come to realize that tradition, personal and cultural beliefs have left the church in total disarray.  Our leaders are now preaching religion and doctrine instead of personal relationship. Our members and leaders are more concerned about the “pork in lip gloss” and “sanctioning” those who wear wedding bands in our churches. In the meantime, there are many church members who are facing spiritual battles and need deliverance. There are millions in the world in need of the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Yet, the church is busy nit picking on the dietary laws, adornment (jewelry),  male hair braiding, ladies wearing pants in the church (And yes! all these things mind you are being classified as salvific.)


Look, I am not here to down anyone’s views on these matters. However, let me remind you that the focus on solely doctrine instead of relationship is what caused the pharisees and saducees not to recognize Christ and His mission. Let us not be so well versed in the mosaic laws , levitical laws, doctrines  and prophecies that we forget to build a relationship with Christ. This relationship goes beyond book smarts and theories. It goes beyond a degree in theology. It is an intimate relationship that calls you to be in constant communication with Him. It calls for an open minded spirit and pure and contrite heart. A relationship! That is what we need to teach our members. A relationship! Christ is their Friend and wants to hear from them and be the center of their lives. Teach our people how to pray. Teach our people how to meditate on the Word and be receptive to God’s enlightenment without any biases.


We need a revival in our churches a revival that will take us back to the basics. I am not afraid to say that for the past 3 years I have disassociated myself with the label of a Seventh-Day Adventist. I have not done so because of any wrong in the faith. But there are many of their doctrines that are classified as salvific and I can not with a clean conscious say that I am wholeheartedly convicted that these doctrines are in line with the Word of God. Therefore, for the past few years I have identified myself as a Sabbath Keeping Christian. I fellowship in the Seventh-Day Adventist church, but I can not take on the SDA armor.


It is high time that we start teaching our young people to research their faiths in the Spirit. This is no longer the time play “follow the leader”. In these times, “follow the Master” is the only motto that should be lived by. Yes, God is a God of order. I am not vouching for individuals to start living their lives however they want to, but I am asking that God become the priority.  That a relationship with Him is established before delving into theocracies.


Now I ask the question! What are your beliefs? and most importantly, Have you searched the Word for yourself? If not! How can you believe what God has not convicted you on?


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