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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

The testimony period in our church services have lost their flare.

The “Classics” have become the norm.

“I thank God for Waking me up this morning”

(starting me on my way)

“I thank God for placing food on my table”

(bringing joy to my day)

WAIT! Isn’t that a song? Anyway!

Although these testimonies are great, they have become the only testimonies you’ll hear when the period of thanks comes around. If not the classic testimonies then you’ll hear the same old victories that happened over a decade ago.  

Has God lost His Touch? Are we not serving the same God who parted the red sea? who spoke the world into existence? Are we not serving the same Master who caused the blind to see? the lame to walk?

If we are, then why are our testimonies so lame?

What does this say about the condition of our churches? What does this say about the level of spirituality found in our congregations?

The Answer?

The church-its members- need a revival! The church has become stagnant! Its people are not searching for a deeper relationship with God. Instead we have become so content in our “church life” routines, that we have no real connection with the Maker. When trials come, we fail with flying colors.

You see the correct equations are as follows:

You + The Maker = Spiritual Connection.

Spiritual Connection + The Word (untainted by doctrine and theories) = Faith

Faith + Walking in the Light = Spiritual Strength

Spiritual Strength faced with Trial = Victory!

If these equations are not being followed then we have no victories to report.  As a result, our testimonies have become old and stale. We are using last century’s victories as today’s testimonies. We have so run out of things to thank God for that when the testimony period comes around you can hear a pin drop. Oh and if you apply enough pressure you’ll bring on the classics or what I like to call Bible Verse shout outs. The testimony period is a period where we are to share experiences -EXPERIENCES- that will uplift one another and help solidify our faith. Your testimony reassures me that God will see me through my current trial. This is the power held in a Testimony. 

Now if you’ve been in the church for years, or have been walking with the Lord for decades and you have no new testimony, then that is a call to check on your walk with God. Something just ain’t right! I am not saying that testimonies are to be grandios and out of this world. But every testimony you make should reflect another level of growth in your walk with God. Your testimonies should never remain the same or regress, but progress. God can only get better.

Annointed Beauty Challenge: Thanksgiving Journal

Let us develop a life of thanksgiving. Write down daily why you are thankful. Count how God has blessed you today and record it. I guarantee if you do so, you will come to realize that you have much more to be grateful for.

Try it and let us know how it goes….


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