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When we call ourselves Christians, we are professing to be Christ-like. We are stating to the world that Christ lives within us and that we are His ambassadors on earth.

If this is so, we are falling short in one very pertinent area of being Christ-like. That pertinent area is the “Servant Attitude”.  Although Christ was the Son of God, He managed to meet everyone where they were.

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He fed the hungry, He healed the leper, Gave sight to the blind, Made the lame walk, Resurrected the dead and most of all Died to save all. Christ taught us that in order to save someone, we must meet them where they are and supply their needs.

As Christian youth living on American soil, we are a privileged people. We have beds to sleep in, food to eat, clothing on our backs and money in our pockets. However, many of our brethren are struggling to find a grain of rice to eat. Many children around the world are going to bed hungry. Many parents have no clue how they will feed their families for the day. IT’S RELEVANT EVEN IN OUR LOCAL CHURCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Courtesy of Voices for Haiti


Courtesy of Voices for Haiti


Courtesy for Voices for Haiti

If we look at the life of Christ, we will see that he met the need FIRST! Then, He shared the Good News. We need to revamp our methods of outreach and take on a “MEET then Preach” approach.

MEET the need


PREACH the Word….

An individual is more willing to hear whatever you have to say, AFTER you have met them where they are and supplied their needs. Preaching the Word of God to a starving man will in no way show him the Love of God. Give him a plate of food. Then, tell him that this very encounter was orchestrated by God.




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