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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

It’s been a while since we’ve written. Like all ministries, we often get discouraged by the many obstacles placed in our way. The enemy has been hard at work and in my break from Called 2 Ministry, I have been able to access the current condition of our local churches and it brings me to tears. I wonder if God is crying too.

What has happened to our churches? It has become about entertainment and quantity. If the music is pumping and the crowds are following then this is the happening church. This is where I must be. It is sad that leaders have to beg us to attend Sabbath School, Bible Study, and anything that has substance but if it’s a concert, musical, play or whatever creative measures we now use to “ENTERTAIN”, we are there by the hundreds. Don’t get me wrong! I am all for creativity and thinking out of the box. However, the same enthusiasm should be seen in all aspects of service.

Church the new sleeping station

It appears that Pastors and leaders will soon have to resort to doing acrobatics and putting on shows in order to prevent our congregation from looking like they are being tortured.

I am calling on young people to take a real good look at their relationship with God. Is your walk based on where the latest hype is? Is your relationship based on whether the Preacher puts on a show? Is your relationship based on how fly the Praise team is? Is your relationship based on how divafied your click looks? Is your relationship based on how GQ’d the crew looks? Is it a matter of where the ladies are at? Or ladies is it about the fellas? What is driving your relationship with God? Better yet, DO YOU REALLY HAVE A RELATIONSHIP OR IS IT ALL ABOUT THE HYPE?

Lastly, Are we Born Again Christians or BORED AGAIN CHRISTIANS? God has done so much for us that even if a service isn’t as poppin as you’d like it to be or the Praise team is not as Harmonious as you demand they be, GOD’S SACRIFICE FOR YOU SHOULD HAVE YOU LEAPING OFF YOUR PEW AND PRAISING HIM ANYHOW. One’s praise should not rely on any external factors.


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