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We’ve all heard the story of Peter walking on water for a hot second and then all of a sudden he began sinking. Some may ask what happened while some may say he finally made it to the deep end. The latter reason is absolutely ubsurd. Why?

Well, if you read the story in Matthew 14:26 you will see that the ship was “in the midst of the sea”. With that said, please show me a sea where the middle isn’t deep. Very, very unlikely. So, Jesus began walking towards them and Peter said “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.”

Jesus said Come and Peter stepped out of the ship and began to walk on the water…however, he felt the wind blowing and was “Afraid”. He then began to sink. As I read this I paused to think why was Peter sinking. It then came to me that He lost his focus and took his eyes of of Jesus.

How many times have you taken your eyes off of the one who can save you and began to focus on your situation?

When we begin to take our eyes off of Jesus, when we lose our focus, when we forget who is in charge, we begin to sink. We can not have one eye on Jesus and one on our situation. Through all of our trials, tribulations, and circumstances we must remain focused on He who has bid us to “Come”.

He is the only one who can and will empower you to do great things. Though the wind blows and the waters rumble remember that Jesus is bidding you to come. He is the one who told the waters “Peace, be still ” He surely can calm any situation in your life. Just trust, focus and walk!

My thought for you today:

He who has begun a good work in you will surely finish it.

Keep your eyes on the prize!


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