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Tonight as I reflect on my life, I had a few revelations. However, none of them hit me as hard as this:

Sometimes you have to retreat in order to find yourself.

I have been a church leader for 16 years and in those years I have experienced the good and the bad. Through it all, it remains an experience that I do not regret. However, for the past few months I have felt a tug to step down. I battled with it at first because I wasn’t certain that the tug was from God. After a long hard look at my life and the purpose I am called to serve, I decided to step down from all 7 positions that I held. DON’T ASK!

Anyway, I was speaking to a fellow sister in ministry one day and she mentioned something that struck me hard. She said we must be careful not to pick up all this spiritual fluff just to please our church members or leaders. We can get so caught up in all the “church work” and still not be living up to God’s call on our lives. When she made that statement I realized that I had so much spiritual fluff that I never answered God’s call on my life.

After hours of meditation on her statement, I finally decided that God’s call on my life takes precedence. We all must take the time to ensure that everything in our lives lines up with our life’s purpose. We must not forget that we were created to praise God and that doesn’t only mean singing, shouting, dancing and clapping. The life you live is also a way to praise Him.

Take sometime to look into your life and ensure that you are not carrying anything that will keep you from your purpose. Do not allow anyone to manipulate, guilt or coerce you into doing anything you know serves no purpose in your life. You answer to a Higher authority -correction THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY-and as long as He is pleased you are right on track.

Tonight’s thought:

A life without purpose is not worth living. What’s your purpose?


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