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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

It never ceases to amaze me how women will complain day in and day out that all men are dogs. Yet for some strange reason, they expect prince charming to come along. If you have already put into your mind that they are all dogs, your body language will also adapt to your belief. What this means is that you will drive away any potential blessing because you have already programmed yourself to expect nothing good.

Unfortunately for most women, many potential mates may have walked out of their lives due to their negative outlook on life. Like in relationships, one’s thoughts can determine the outcome. If you believe you are meant to be broke and stressed, guess what? You got it! You will always be broke and stressed.

Many people have passed on many opportunities because they have already claimed “failure”. If you believe you’ll fail, YOU WILL! What one plays in the mind will eventually play in the heart and then manifest in life. If you desire a life of blessings and prosperity, you must first believe that it will and can come to pass. The greatest of philosophers have constantly relayed this very key to success.

As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ is quoted on numerous occasions saying “your faith has made you well.” Even our Lord relayed to us that you can not expect healing, deliverance or a blessing if you do not have faith-or belief that God can or will make it come to pass.

Tonight this messgae is to teach you that without belief or faith, you will NOT accomplish your goals, life mission, purpose or dreams. You must believe that you can in order for anything to come to pass.

I leave you with this note tonight. Phillipians 4:16

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.


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