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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

I was running a little late today. So, I decided to make up the time by taking a dollar van to the train station. As I sat in the van, the driver blurted out in his walkie-talkie “I don’t believe in Jesus, those who preach Jesus, preach ignorance.” I immediately looked up and realized that he was dead serious. I thought to myself, how can one not believe in one so powerful, so loving and so divine. On the eve of Christmas, this driver’s statement reminded me that there are still those who do not believe. 

In a world where hatred, violence, pain and poverty seem to reign, how can one choose not to believe in the only one who gives us hope. I can not imagine living day to day without knowing that God loves me and that He is working things for my good. This is my hope! This is what helps me go on day after day. Just knowing that someone in heaven is advocating for me and preparing a mansion that no eye has seen or ear has heard just for little ole Rachel is enough for me. Someone loves me enough to send his only Son to die for my sins while I was yet born? I am going to declare my faith in Him till my dying breath.

Take a look around you and see the beauty of nature. The intricacies of wild flowers, the birds of the air, the changing seasons, etc. they all profess the magnificence of God.

I pray that this driver will one day come to realize the gift of JESUS.  I am a believer! Do you believe?

Merry Christmas to All!


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