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So service this past weekend was a special one as it was also the last communion service of the year 2009. The Pastor’s sermon called for unity amongst the people and also pleaded with us to forgive one another before partaking of this solemn service. I got a sense that he was talking from the recesses of his heart and truly has been bothered by the spirit of  “divide and conquer” which is prevalent in our church. (Sometimes I would question whether we are in church or some dictatorship regime in a third world country.)

At the end of his sermon we proceeded to the “washing of feet” ceremony which commemorates when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. By doing so, we are reminded that we are meant to serve one another and that no one is more superior to anyone else. On my way back to the main sanctuary, a young lady walks out of the sanctuary annoyed and irritated. I stand there and quickly wonder what could possibly be wrong on this blessed day, she then says are they seriously showing scenes from The Passion of the Christ in the sanctuary?” Then, a close friend of mine asks her why are they showing that? I stood there in total disbelief that they were actually bothered by having scenes from the movie shown in the sanctuary.

I mean if communion is in remembrance of the sufferings endured by our Savior, what is wrong with actually seeing what it could have potentially been like? The traditionalist fanatics were so bothered by this that they completely forgot that they were in the sanctuary and started to murmur until it sounded like loud rumblings.  One person actually walked in and said “Anybody have popcorn? This is ridiculous!” Did I mention that he said this out loud in the sanctuary?

In a time where the world has downright forgotten that there is a God, it is sad to see God’s elect few acting a fool and debating over menial issues. If we can not show scenes of what Jesus endured in the sanctuary where we lift His name, worship Him and call on Him, WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSE TO SHOW IT? It truly saddened my heart to see that in these last days, there are those who will cause souls to be lost because of their personal cultural beliefs that are not at all scripturally-based.

Too many religions are becoming so doctinally-based, that Jesus is just one step away from being pushed right out of the picture all together. I have nothing against doctrine. As a matter of fact, it is a crucial part of any religion. However, any doctrine that does not embrace all of the teachings of Jesus right down to His teachings of compassion and love- is a doctrine that I would question and hesitate to take on. When one claims to be a “Christian” we profess to be living like Christ. Therefore, we must be loving, compassionate, have a servant’s spirit, have an attitude of Gratitude and be clear on the teachings of the Most High.

The world is looking at the way we live and if we do not live up to what we profess we are, then we are doing a disservice to the Kingdom of God. As you enter into the new year, give yourself a self-analysis and determine whether you are representing God the way He ought to be represented? Are you a Bible believer or a doctrine expert? Are you looking to unify others or to divide and conquer them? Are you in the church ministry to win souls or to criticize how things are done?

Where are you in your walk with Christ?


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