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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

While reading my new book – A Leader in the Making by Joyce Meyer – she spoke about Paul’s message to young Timothy who began to get discouraged with the ministry. She then made a statement that inspired today’s meditation.

If you are frustrated right now because of an unfulfilled call of God upon your life, I can tell you where you are: You are in the testing ground.

Sometimes you won’t feel like dealing with God’s people. They frustrate you. They annoy you. They are just ughhh…but you must remember that God is the reason you aren’t just like them. If it weren’t for God, you’d still be in your mess. We musn’t forget where we have been pulled from. Don’t forget that you are called to love everyone and bring them to the throne of God.

Don’t let your emotions, sentiments keep you from delivering the life changing message of Jesus Christ with anyone. How you feel shouldn’t affect how you serve God. How you minister to others. How you worship, etc. God doesn’t bless us based on how we feel or we would never be blessed.

Take an example from David who after God took the fruit of his adulterous relationship with Uriah’s wife, took of his clothes annointed himself and went into the temple and worshipped God. He didn’t dwell on the fact that his baby boy died. He praised and worshipped God even in his loss. This is why God calls him the man after His own heart.

So if you are feeling down, worthless, hurt, get up and praise God through the pain. Worship God because He is God and He will bring you through in His time.

God bless you!


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