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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

So, it’s lunch time and I decided to head to Pax and order a Panini. My favorite is the Chicken Vera Cruz but I can’t have any meat so I brilliantly decided to order “Chicken Vera Cruz – No chicken, Please!” I tell you the counter workers looked at me like I just landed off of Mars. I laughed on the inside as I thought about how many times the enemy tried to get me to break my fast. Let me share them with you.

Day #2 – he tried to trick me into ordering my usual evening snack – “The Chicken Pattie” from Golden Krust. But I resisted!

Day #3– Now that little scoundrel knows I love my mother’s cooking. When I got home from work I smelled the aroma from the hallway and rushed in. Guess what mom cooked? GOOD OLE CREOLE CHICKEN! I could have fainted. But I resisted!

Day #4 – I walked into a pizza shop and ordered a slice and a beef patty. I paid and then realized that I ordered a beef patty. The enemy immediately tried to rationalize with me. “Hey, its a recession! You can’t waste food” he said.  “You can alway add an extra day for breaking it today” he said. What did I do? I asked the cook to bag the patty and I roamed the streets for a anyone who is in need. Needless to say I COULDN’T FIND ONE HOMELESS PERSON THAT DAY! Now if you’ve been to New York City, you know that is amazing! Finally he said “Well, what ya gonna do? Can’t waste that patty.”. I looked at the trash and heard him say “You wouldn’t!” I looked at it again…and he said “NO! You wouldn’t!” I said “YES I WOULD AND  I DID!”

Day #5 – Kenton and I went to my buddy Sparkle’s house to plan our annual vacation. Sparkle is a great cook and Lord knows I was hungry. When we got there what did she cook? LAMB CHOPS AND HAM! Satan the RAT, knows I love me some lamb chops! Luckily she also cooked vegetable fried rice & steamed veggies and guess what? That is all I had and it was still GOOD!

Today – Day #8, he tried to make me look stupid by making the counter guys look at me like I ordered something from outerspace! He knows I hate to be embarassed so he thought embarassment would cause me to break my vow. Well, DEVIL YOU ARE A LIAR! I not only proudly placed my order, but I am eating it right now and it is GOOD!

When you choose to enter into a period of prayer and fasting, the enemy will come against you in everyway possible because he knows that you are going to hear a word from the Lord and he refuses to let that happen. He will use friends, family and anything he can get his hands on to deter you from keeping your promise to God. I am so grateful that God has empowered me to resist. There is a sense of clarity and change that takes place when one chooses to fast and it feels amazing. Don’t let the enemy of your soul ever come between you and your communion with God.

Remember, what you have given up to commune with the Lord is only for but a short time and God appreciates your sacrifice. You may be amazed how you survive without the very thing you never thought you could live without.

To those currently fasting, stay prayed up and steady!

God Bless!


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