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Today I attended a prayer and comfort service for the Haitian community at a local church. This service was filled with prayer, singing of hymns and short sermons. It was heart wrenching to see the number of families affected by this tragedy. Many still haven’t heard from their loved ones and the state of uncertainty caused them to wail in pain and agony. One young mother wailed at the thought of possibly losing her mother. She is the only child and her mother is her best friend. It was painful to hear her story and that of many others in this service.

Aside from the service, a group gathered together setting into place plans to travel abroad to Haiti and render services to the local community. The main groups were physicians and nurses. One thing that I did notice is the lack of counselors in any of these meetings especially those geared toward serving the local community. Apparently, they have overlooked that the community will need counselors who are trained in crisis counseling, grief, stress & trauma, etc. Unfortunately, our field is not well respected within the community. In the West Indian islands, counseling is not really sought out openly. Many fear being perceived as troubled or CRAZY! These taboos cause many to hold onto painful experiences that never get dealt with and sadly many die with these burdens on their hearts.

Some industry professionals have even placed this ministry at the bottom of the ladder of professions/ministries because it doesn’t quite line up with the lofty status of a medical doctor, registered nurse, etc. What many fail to realize is that like physical healing, spiritual and mental healing is greatly needed in order to be fully healthy. It is not enough to have a healthy body. One must be healthy in mind, body and soul. The ministry of counseling is a ministry that many of our churches have failed to make available. It is not enough to have pastors with office hours, doctors and nurses. Crisis counselors are available on call and ensure that individuals are fully capable of successfully getting through their trials.

There is an obvious stigma placed on psychological help. This has renewed my commitment to not only complete my program but to teach others how to tap into the gift of counseling to help set others free from their shackles. If you’re interested in setting up a crisis counseling program in your church, please visit

God Bless You!


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