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One of my all time favorite songs is “People get ready”.

People get ready.
There’s a train a-coming.
You don’t need no baggage.
You just get on board.
All you need is faith to hear diesels humming.
You don’t need no ticket.
You just thank the Lord.
Yeah yeah yeah
People get ready
For the train to Jordan.

Seal sang this song tonight on the Larry King 2hr help Haiti special. As I listened to the song, the lyrics really hit home. In these last days we need to be reminded that the train to Jordan is coming and we need to get on board. Tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, what will it take to get you to leave your baggage and just get on board?

We have gotten so attached to our material goods and the posh lifestyles we have or aspire to gain. We are so consumed by these perishable items that we’ve forgotten that we can’t take them with us on the train to Jordan. We were not created to hog up all the riches we can find. We were created to bring Glory to God through our service to one another.

Another stanza of the song states:

Now there ain’t no room for the hopeless sinner
Who’s hard on mankind just to save his own
Have pity on those whose chances are thinner
Cause there’s no hiding place
From the Kingdom’s Throne

Aside from hording riches, many have become experts at taking advantage of those less fortunate than them. We must remember that no matter how much money can potentially be made, we must never gain through the oppression of others. The great command is to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we are not oppressed why are we oppressing our brothers?

The time has come for us to make decisions based on the moral values and standards that we hold dear. It is not enough to wear the cloak of Christianity, we must also live it. Your faith is not fully appreciated until your neighbors see it in your lifestyle. You can shout it from the rooftop but if it is not deeply embedded into your life, it will be of no good to anyone.

This year resolve to live your life as though you are expecting a train to JORDAN. Love one another, help one another, serve GOD and be attached to NOTHING of this world. Remember the train that’s coming doesn’t take baggage, just get on board.

Are you ready?


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