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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

Today’s topic stems from one of the life resolutions I have committed myself to. Have you ever asked a friend, co-worker, acquaintance or church member – How are ya doing? (for those grammar freaks – How are you?…lol) I am sure we all have asked this question. Have you ever encountered someone that takes that question as a queue to let lose and COMPLAIN about everything? Something like this: ” Girl, I have been struggling with this back pain all week. My cat scratched my couch. The dog ate tommy’s homework. My husband mixed the colors and whites again. The neighbor stole my newspaper. The pastor bored me to death and ………………………..” They just keep going and going and GOING! like the energizer bunny.

If you haven’t yet met someone like that, you soon will. Anyway, I caught myself doing that a few times and had to remind myself that they asked how I was doing and NOT what are my life woes. Sometimes life can get so hectic that when we find someone who ask how are we doing, we unleash the floodgates of our hearts in hope of hearing some comforting words. Sometimes they may grant our wish. However, there are times we may have missed on an opportunity to testify. How?

Let’s say your co-worker says, “Hey Sally mae, how are ya?” (now your co-worker knows that you are a Christian) and instead of hearing “Things aren’t too on the up and up, but can’t complain God is good.” she hears a long list of complaints. You missed an opportunity to let her know that things may not be perfect, but God is still on the throne and He’ll work it out.

My life resolution is to NOT complain. I have resigned as an officer of the complaining club and have enrolled myself into the Gratitude club. I am not saying that complaining is a sin. However, as a Christian who professes to have faith in God, how can I complain and still have faith that He will see me through? The two don’t mix. No matter how big my problems may be, I must remind myself of how GREAT my God is and resolve not to complain.

Whether life’s challenges are great or small, remember that God has a plan for you. He can not and never will fail you.


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