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A few weeks ago, my dad and I watched the movie “Jeremiah”. After the movie, we discussed some of the challenges faced by Prophet Jeremiah. What stood out to me was the scene of his father rejecting him. Jeremiah was a young man who was called by God to deliver a not so well liked message to Israel. The message was that they would be conquered by the Babylonians because of their blatant disregard for God.

Needless to say, Israel was not trying to hear that. They called him a blashphemer, false prophet, traitor, spy, etc. They called him every name in the book and threw him into every pit they could find including sewage. Sadly, they never called him what he truly was – A Prophet.

In the movie, the king’s general told the king “If God wanted to send you a Prophet, why would he send you one from the wilderness when you are surrounded by schooled men?”

OH NO HE DIDN’T! Yes, he went there.

This reminds me of a couple of messengers who were “doubted” by the people of God. One example is when the Prophet Samuel went in search of the king God ordained to replace Saul. When Samuel saw the brothers of David and their stately appearances, he surely thought that the new king was among them. After going through each of them and hearing God say NOPE!, he began to grow restless. Finally, God led him to the pasture to meet the last brother. When he got there, he was taken aback to see a not so buff David shepherding the sheep.

“This little scrawny boy is who you want to be king?” I could imagine Samuel said. God replies “Do not look at his appearance! Man looks at outward appearance, but I look at the heart.”

Another example we can refer to is JESUS. Yes Jesus! When Jesus went home to Nazareth, he was approached by the townsmen who had heard about His many miracles. Despite the testimonies, they commanded that He perform one instantly so they could see for themselves.

THE NERVE! Jesus ain’t no magician! He’s the REAL Deal.

Anyway, He chose not to do it and said “a prophet is not recognized in his own home.” You see it was hard for the Nazarenes to believe that the little boy they saw grow up could be the Son of God. Like Jesus, David & Jeremiah, many will doubt that you can accomplish certain things. This should not get you discouraged or cause you to doubt yourself. The Bible is full of ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things.

God can and will use anyone who has a sincere heart for Him. All you need to do is be a willing vessel. Sometimes your best friends, siblings and even your parents will doubt you. Don’t be dismayed! God will do great works through you if you trust in His promises and believe in YOURSELF!

If God has blessed you with a gift or called you to a particular ministry, don’t be concerned about what people will think, say or remind you of, just believe in God and move forward. Paul said it best,

“Forgetting those things that are behind me and looking to the things that are before me.” – Phillippians 3:13

Leave your past failures where they belong, in the PAST. Now walk into the future God has prepared for you.


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