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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry


Today I am going to spend the day in prayer and meditation. The goal is to spend time talking to my Jesus and making my petitions for my family, relationship, academics and most of all my ministry. The request is for a double portion of His annointing so that His work can be done to His satisfaction and bring glory to His name. My prayer is that He will bless me as He blessed the apostles with the Spirit. I will continue to post my progress throughout the day and share His revelations with you. All are invited to join. If you have a prayer request that you would like for me to bring to the Lord’s throne, leave a comment below.

To the throne we will go at 9am EST.



What can I say but that the Lord came and down and tabernacled with his servant. He was more than just there, He spoke to me on every aspect of my life and clarified His desire for my life. The Word of God is a powerful source and is His way of speaking to His children. He reminded me that He alone is God and that He will make these things that He has promised come to pass. I remember at one point I was taken aback by the strong words He used to describe my call. Yet, like Mary all I can say is let it be done to thy servant as you desire.

I feel truly blessed to have spent this time with the Lord. Sometimes it is better to retreat from the norm and spend some quality time in the presence of the Lord. Just you and the Lord is all you need to tabernacle with Him. There are things that He wants to tell you and He wants no one else around to hear it but you. When He reveals these things to you, don’t just pick up and run around announcing them, take a lesson from Mary and ponder these things. Ponder the things the Lord reveals to you in your heart. Why?

When He spoke to you, you were in the Spirit of God. Therefore, you were able to understand the things of the Lord. When you go to share with someone these things, more than likely they won’t get it because they are trying to comprehend the things of the Lord with a human mind. The Lord is capable of revealing His will to His people in His season. Until then, take to heart what He has revealed to you, prepare your soul through prayer and the study of His Word and WAIT on the Lord.

I pray that you are inspired to spend some time before the throne of God. You will be amazed what He has to say. Just come to His throne with an open heart and willing spirit. God Bless your journey in prayer.


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