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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

I recently joined a new initiative that was started by a fellow blogger that I don’t even know personally. However, I am in love with her idea and blog ( Every monday I will list atleast 7 things that I am grateful for until I hit the 1,000 MARK. I invite you to join this amazing initiative. An attitude of Gratitude is a great way to build a Christ-like Character. In all things, give Him thanks!

So, Here goes the first 7.

1. I am thankful that God has called me to Ministry

2. I am elated to be the rib of Kenton

3. I am grateful for my Christian parents

4. I am grateful for having a paying job in this economy

5. I am grateful for my true friends

6. I am grateful that God spared my family in Haiti

7. I am grateful that my aunt inspired me to pursue my ministry and I am enrolled full time in the Graduate of Theology program at Liberty University.

Till next Monday! Stay Grateful!


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