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On my commute home last night, I contemplated on the people of Israel. I thought about the plagues God caused to fall upon the people of Egypt in order to free His people. God sent all manner of plagues and pestilence on these people. Locust, darkness and even the death of their first born sons. Finally, Pharoah got the point and let them go. The funny thing is I am not really bothered by Pharoah’s stubborness as much as I am bothered by the people of Israel.

These people saw all the plagues God used on the people of Egypt to set Israel free. They saw how God parted the Red Sea and caused them to walk on dry land. Despite all of this and more, they were a nation of whining babling fools. How much more did God have to do for Israel to realize He is GOD? Moses went up the mountain for a few days and by the time he came back, they had erected a golden calf. Then in the desert they complained about food so, God rained down manna everyday. Not long after that they complained about thirst and caused Moses to get so angry that he struck the rock instead of talking to it like God told him to.

Now I must confess, had I been Moses I would of walked off the job and left them to fend for themselves. These ingrates easily forgot what God had done. It appeared that everywhere they arrived, they forgot what God did for them on their way there. Hmmm…this sounds familiar. How many times have we whined, complained and murmured about our current state and forgot where God brought us from?

We complain about our job and forget when we didn’t have one. We complain about the apartment and forget when we were near eviction. We complain about the car and forget when we were taking the bus. We often forget the faithfulness of God on the journey to our current state. If you sit back and think about where you were, you will see that God is fully capable of taking you to where you are going.

We must develop and attitude of gratitude and not forget the journey to our current location. Once we learn to appreciate where God has brough us from and where He has brought us to, He will then take us to our ultimate destination. Let’s take a lesson from Israel and not cause God to have us going in circles in the wilderness for 40 years when we could have arrived in a few days.

What blessing are you keeping yourself from due to your ungratefulness?

Memory Text:

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” – Psalm 107:1(NIV)

Prayer Prompt:
“Dear Lord,
Forgive me for my ungrateful attitude. Teach me to appreciate where I am by reminding me of where I have come from. Thank you for your faithfulness towards me. I know that where I am now is not the end of the road. I will learn to be content with what you have given me and trust you to take me to where You want me to be. Thank you Lord for my journey and…..”


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