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Father, I want….., Lord, please bless me with….Jesus, when will you…. When it comes to requesting things from God, humans are experts especially Christians. We ask and ask and ASK. Then we quote scriptures and ask and ask and ASK some more. We commit to memory the verses “ask and it shall be given unto you – Luke 11:9 ” and “whatsoever you ask in my name if you believe, you will receive it. – Matthew 21:22”

Oh yes, we know how to ask. One thing we don’t know how to do is let Him answer in His time. We don’t know how to WAIT. We complain then we ask again because He obviously forgot. I mean He must have forgotten because I have been asking for ages. As Christians, we must learn how to make our request known unto the Lord and then WAIT on His perfect will.

I have always said “God ain’t no santa clause, don’t come to Him with a give me give me give me attitude. Haitian Christians have a saying, Bon Dye se granmoun, li fe sal vle le li vle. This translates to God is an adult. He does what He wants WHEN He wants.

No matter how much pleading or begging you do, you must realize that you are coming before the Sovereign God and so we must reverence Him. You may ask Him for things, but reverence Him enough to respect the fact that He will work it out in His time. We always assume we know what is best for us. That thing you are pleading with Him for may be great, but if He were to give it to you now it would be your demise.

Some of us have become consumed by our desires that they have become as gods. We musn’t forget that our God is a jealous God. We are not to have no other gods before Him. When you are consumed by anything else, it has become a god in your life and God won’t have it.

Whatever petition you have made to the Lord let God be God. Trust Him to bring what is best for you to pass. Notice I said BEST for you. You can and will never know better than God for He holds your life in His hands and sees your future. You do not know what your future holds and therefore can not possibly know what is best for you. Therefore, you need to rely on Jesus and TRUST HIM! If you feel that you can no longer wait, HOLD ON TO JESUS! He will hold you in His arms and help you to make it through.

Our desires must be placed on God’s altar and left to His discretion. By placing your desires on the altar, you are telling God, Father as much as I want this, I don’t want it more than you. Sacrifice your desires for the perfect will of God my friends and you will see amazing things happen.

Memory text
You shall have no other gods before me. – Exodus 20:3

Prayer Prompt:
Dear Lord,
Teach me how to wait on your perfect will. There is nothing on this earth that I desire more than you. You are the air I breathe, it is in You that I have my being. Lord, teach me how to wait on your perfect will for You hold my life in Your hands and You know what’s best for me. I place my desires on the altar and release them to You. Have thine way Lord, Have thine way….


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