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In Mark 5, we read of the demon possessed man who came to Jesus. He was living amongst the tombs and was described as being extremely violent and uncontrollable. They could not bind him at all. Not even chains were able to subdue this man. Night and day he would cry out and cut himself with stones. This man was in serious warfare. The enemy was torturing this poor man’s soul and he was not letting up. Think about it, the enemy wanted to destroy this man so much that he didn’t just send one demon into him, he swamped him with a legion of demons. According to Dr. Wilmington, a well respected Theologian, a legion is approximately 6,000 demons.

6,000 DEMONS? There are so many fallen angels that the enemy can afford to send 6,000 of them to torture just one man. He is so desperate and will stop at nothing to torture the children of God. The story goes on to tell us that the demons themselves recognized Jesus as the Son of God and asked that he allow them to enter the wild pigs and leave them be. Even demons tremble at the very presence of God. In a blink of an eye, Jesus delivered this man and he was now free from the enemy’s chains. He was no longer bound. He was no longer living amongst the tombs, He was no longer cutting himself with stones, he was no longer crying out. Jesus came into this man’s life, freed him from his chains and then sent him off to share his healing with others.

It is said that this man went through the cities of Decapolis which were a conglomerate of 10 cities. All but one were visited by this man and when they heard his testimony, they marveled. Isn’t it amazing how God can use a man that was outcast and possessed? He turned a maniac into a missionary. God uses the least of us to accomplish his tasks. The Lord saw this man’s affliction even though he was filled with demons, God saw past the demons and saw the soul of this man.

God is concerned about our souls. Even though we may still be fighting with the demons in our lives, God can make us whole again and release us into the mission field. Whatever your afflictions may be, your deliverance comes from the Lord. The enemy can not remain in the presence of God. He trembles at the mention of his very name. Call out to the Father even in your pain, call out to the Healer even in your sickness, call out to the Restorer even in your weakness, Call out to Him who can and will free you of all of your afflictions.

I am grateful to know that there is no battle to hard for God and no legion to strong to fight. One word from the Lord and I am set free. Be encouraged today to know that just one word from God will deliver you and set you on the path to fulfilling your life’s mission.

Memory Text
For nothing is impossible with God. – Luke 1:37

Prayer Prompt:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for revealing to me that there is nothing to hard for you to handle. Help me to call out to you when all hope seems lost. Help me to remember that just one word from you will set me on a new path. …

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