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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

Ah! It’s morning. WAIT! OH NO! IT’S MOVING DAY. I scramble to gather together the last minute things as we wait for the moving company to arrive at 8am. An hour into it, I realize a sense of sadness has come over me. I ask God why do we have to move again. I feel like we are on a lifelong pilgrimage with no prospect of a resting place.

I remember the message by Beth Moore last night. “Don’t you let nobody shake your God confidence.” I picked up the Bible and turned to Hebrews 10:35, 36.

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised

The Bible speaks a lot on perseverance, endurance and pressing on. The Christian walk can sometimes be treacherous and seem insurmountable. However, verses like this remind us that God sees our challenges and He promises to “richly reward” us if we persevere. Today the enemy tried real hard to break me and cause me to question God and ask Him “What are you doing? Where are you?” But, I am reminded that I shall overcome. He promised that I shall run and not be weary. I shall walk and not faint. I will soar like an eagle but first, I MUST persevere.

My friends, I was impressed to share my experience as today’s devotion. Some of you are wondering whether God will ever come through. You put on your I have total faith face and smile like all is well. God wants you to know that He hears your cry and understands. He is working it all out for your good and if you persevere and faint not, you will see the rewards of your labor.

Stand strong in the Lord. I am. I am following His lead wherever He leads me. I know His ways are not my ways but His plans are perfect and for my good. Today if you feel like you are going in circles, rest assured that God knows what He is doing. You will come out victorious because He has already won the battles.

Memory Text:
The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.
-Exodus 14:14

Prayer Prompt:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for being my refuge. Lord, help me to keep my God confidence and persevere through my trials. Knowing that all things will work together for my good….


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