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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

Living in New York City requires a fast-paced multi-tasking spirit. Everyone is always rushing somewhere. Excuse me, EXCUSE ME! is all you hear as people rush past you nearly knocking you over to get to their destinations. Fast, fast, fast, rush, rush, rush, that is the mantra of today’s society. Because of this, we rarely get a chance to stop and see the glory of God in our surroundings. The birds of the air, the blooming flowers, etc. all declare the glory of God.

He created everything around us to bring us joy and happiness. One day as I headed to the office, I stopped at a light and looked up at the beautiful skyscrapers and it dawned on me that God gave someone the wisdom to design these beautiful structures. Every beautiful thing around you God had a hand in. God even has a hand in your ability to do your job.

Never allow yourself to get to the point where you forget who is running the show. Take some time out to see the majesty of God in your surroundings. Breathe in right now! That right there is a gift from God. Without it, you’d be six feet under. Thank Him for His amazing love and mercy.

As you go throughout your day, resolve to take the time to look for God in the little things. He is everywhere and in everything. Praise Him today with your appreciation and thankfulness.

Be blessed!

Memory Text
God saw all that he had made, and it was very good -Genesis 1:31a

Prayer Prompt
Dear Lord,
Help me to see you in all things. Thank you for the atmosphere that you engineered just for me and teach me how to take the time to appreciate everything you’ve created.


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