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Lord, please! Father, I have been praying for so long. Why haven’t you heard my cry? All I want is a child of own. Hannah must have had this conversation with God a thousand times. Although Hannah’s husband adored her, she didn’t feel fulfilled because she was barren. She wanted a child and pleaded with the Lord to receive one.

Hannah was a perseverant woman. She prayed that prayer day in and day out. She pleaded with God and brought her petition before Him. Hannah made the conscious decision that she wasn’t going to stop until God answered her prayer. Hannah had learned how to P.U.S.H. – Pray Until Something Happens. There are some requests that require more than a microwave-minute prayer. Some requests require some reciting of scriptures, some hymns, fasting, etc. Some things require some REAL time with God. As a matter of fact, this season of Lent is a great time to spend some time with the Lord through fasting and prayer.

The story goes on to say that Hannah spent so much time pleading with Lord that the Prophet Eli thought she was drunk and rebuked her. No, I am not drunk. I am just praying that the Lord bless my womb with a child. Eli blesses her and tells her that by this time next year she will bring forth a child. Hannah vowed that if this were to come to pass, she would bring the child to the temple and dedicate him to the Lord’s service. Months later, Eli’s blessing came to pass and Hannah became the mother of the child who would become the great Prophet Samuel.

Have you ever prayed so hard for something that you have become consumed by it? Have you ever prayed so hard that you have nothing left to say but to just lay there in His presence? I have! I would like to think that that is what happened with Hannah. She spent so many hours before the Lord that she just layed there and cried. She just laid there and balanced from side to side waiting for a word from God. Despite the silence, Hannah did not let up.

Hannah continued in prayer. She persevered in prayer. She was a P.U.S.H. warrior. Because of this, the Lord ended up blessing her through the Prophet. Not only did she receive her answer, but she received a two-fold blessing. Hannah now had a son and a servant of the Most High God. Hannah’s persevering spirit eventually paid off and it paid off big.

Have you been praying for something for decades? years? month? days? hours? minutes? seconds? Has it been answered? If not, Are you still praying or have you given up? How much do you really want that blessing? When there is something that you truly desire, you need to make it known to the Lord and P.U.S.H.. Don’t stop praying until something happens. Sometimes God just wants to see how bad you want that blessing. He wants to know that you acknowledge that only He can provide for you. Don’t throw in the towel! Keep praying, keep pushing and keep expecting your blessing.

He may not answer you right now, but it is on the way. Now when it arrives, take a queue from Hannah. Don’t just grab your blessing and run. Remember to praise the Lord for His faithfulness and keep whatever vows you promised to Him. Don’t make a mockery of God. Many times we ask God for something and we promise Him the moon and the stars. Yet, once we have what we wanted we completely forget our vow and the blessing becomes more important than He who the blessing came from.

Today I encourage you to stay prayed up. P.U.S.H. in every situation. Don’t get weary praying for your breakthrough. God is still on the throne and Jesus is at the right side of God. Press on and pray on. While you P.U.S.H, keep a praise on your lips. Remember when your blessing comes, praise God like Hannah and keep your vows to the Lord. Your blessing is on way just P.U.S.H..

Memory Text
Then Hannah prayed and said:
“My heart rejoices in the LORD; in the LORD my horn is lifted high. My mouth boasts over my enemies,for I delight in your deliverance. There is no one holy like the LORD; there is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God.” 1 Samuel 2: 1-2

Prayer Prompt:
Dear Lord,
I am sorry that I have grown weary and have given up on my petitions. Teach me how to P.U.S.H daily. I trust you Lord and I know that my blessing is on the way.

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