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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

It’s 7am! Ok, time to get ready to go. I open the door and OH NOOOOOOOOO, SNOW! It’s such a pain to shovel the thing but I must admit that it is such a beautiful sight. (Check out the view from my door) I reflect on how creative God is and realize that everything that He has created displays His sovereignty. Only He could cover the Earth in a white blanket.

Nature serves as a daily reminder that there is a mighty God. A God who cares about all the little things of the Earth. He cares for the itsy bitsy spider, He feeds the sparrow, He waters the plants, He feeds the fish, He provides for the ant and causes the sun to shine for the flowers. He cares for all of His creations; Yet, Humans can not learn to rely on Him and trust Him.

If God can provide for the birds of the air, why wouldn’t He provide for you? Only an Almighty God can order the rain to fall, the sun to rise, the moon to give light and the snow to blanket the Earth. We serve an omnipotent God and we are reminded of this simply by looking around us.

As I head out to shovel the snow and get some groceries for the second wave of the storm, I will praise the Lord for His beautiful handiwork. How awesome is He and mighty indeed. Today, take some time to recognize the magnificence of God. Look around you and see the intricacies of His creations. Then, lift up your voice and worship Him. WHY? Because the same God who created all things, has promised to take care of you.

Memory Text

The heavens declare the glory of God;the skies proclaim the work of his hands. – Psalm 19:1

Prayer Prompt

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your handiwork. Your beautiful canvas leaves me in awe. Help me to trust that you will always provide for me…


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