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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

It is now 10:24am and I am now writing this mornings devotional. Ughhhh! Unbelieveable! I walked into the office and was met with 100 fire alarm emails (meaning need this done as early as yesterday). I immediately started working and could barely find a moment to breathe. I began to stress and fuss and you name it. I just wanted to SCREAAAAMMMMMM! Then it hit me. That scoundrel is trying to keep me from my appointment with God. You see I am a strong believer that if you begin your day with God, your day will continue to be led by Him.

The enemy can’t stand seeing us devote time to our Heavenly Father because he knows that this will cause us to be in constant communion with Him. I enjoy my quiet moments with God and Annointed Beauty Devotions is a product of my times with Him. Sometimes we get soo caught up living life that we forget to take the time out to praise the One who gives life. As I commute into the city daily, I see our rat-packed trains filled with people on their Blackberries and reading the New York Times. However, the one thing that brings a smile to my face is when I see someone whip out the Bible and spend that little time out with God.

I know that as I am pleased, God is even happier. It pleases Him when we acknowledge Him as our sustainer. I am still swamped with a 100 things to do while also answering 1000 questions from our New Hires. But, I refuse to let anything come between my Jesus and I. Sorry fire alarms, you’re just gonna have to wait because Jesus and I have a date.

Have you stopped to speak to Jesus today? If not, I think it is time for a “Bathroom Break”, don’t you?

Memory Text:

If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me., – Psalm 139:9-10

Prayer Prompt:
Dear Lord,
Teach me to take a little time out for you on a daily basis. Remind me that I can do nothing without you. I place my life in your hands. May I always be in constant communion with you…


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