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I received a prayer request once from a mother whose son-in-law just got a new job after being laid off a year ago. Her request was that God provide a car for her daughter’s family so that he can keep the job. I for one thought that this was a very noble request and submitted it to our prayer warrior team.
However, one thing in this request caught me off guard.

She stated “I know it’s wrong to ask God for material things but they really need it.” Can someone tell me where did people get the idea that making a request for something you need is wrong? Who is preaching this madness? God never specified what we can ask Him for. All we need to do is make our requests known with a sincere heart, right motive and mustard seed faith.

It is because many have this erroneous belief stuck in their heads that they lose out on blessings. God wants us to make our requests known to him through Prayer and Supplication not doubt and hesitation. What’s the worst that can happen? He’ll say NO. I’d rather ask God and get a NO than not ask him and pass on a YES.

God is not just some deity up there that dictates orders. He is a loving and compassionate God. He cares about every aspect of our lives. He is not just our God, He’s our FRIEND. Israel Houghton has it right when he sings:

I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
I am a friend of God
He calls me FRIEND.

God desires a personal relationship with us. One where we can come boldly before him and tell him our hurts, concerns, desires and dreams. He wants a personal and intimate relationship. There is nothing too menial to ask God. If he could care for the itty bitty spider, how in the world can you not have faith that he’ll take care of you?

Whatever your petition may be, come BOLDLY before the throne of your Heavenly Father and tell him all about it. Do you have a petition that you thought God would punish you for asking for? Is it sincere? Is your motive in line with the Word of God? Do you have the mustard seed faith that he can and will answer? If you answered yes to all of these questions, THEN ASK HIM ALREADY!

I pray that this devotion will inspire you to come boldly before the Lord and get your prayers answered.

Remember we would love to pray for you. Submit your prayer requests HERE.

Memory Text

He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?- Romans 8:32

Prayer Prompt
Dear Lord,
Thank you for reminding me that I can come to you t anytime and make ALL of my requests known. Thank you for not only being my God but also my FRIEND. Teach me how to come boldly before your throne at all times and help me to develop that mustard seen faith that will move the mountains in my life..


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