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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

Why Break-Free Daily Devotions?
With the hussle and bustle of life, we all too often forget to take some time out to enjoy the presence of God. Our daily devotions are a collection of my quiet moments with God and a daily reminder that He still cares.

What you will find at Break-Free Daily Devotions: A variety of inspirational meditations, AHA! reflections, personal stories and Christian living tips to help stimulate a  personal relationship with God.

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Contact Annointed Beauty
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Please email AnnointedBeauty(at)gmail(dot)com.

About Annointed Beauty
My real name is Rachel Ineus and I am the founder of Annointed Beauty Ministries.

I’m a New York City native in the heart of Caribbean Ville otherwise known as Brooklyn. I am happily committed to the love-of-my-life Kenton and look forward to building a big and happy family (God-willing within the next 2 or 3 years).

I am a contributing writer at Granola Bar Devotionals, Faith to Write, Faith Writers and Hebron French Blog. I am working on my first book and I am sooooo excited. It’s bound to be great!

I am currently working on God’s purpose for my life which is to go into a life of full-time ministry. I am a full-time student @ Liberty University’s Wilmington School of the Bible pursuing my Graduate of Theology degree in Pastoral Training (No, my goal is not to be a pastor..but with God who knows).

Why the name “Annointed Beauty”?

As women created in the image of God, we are all beautiful creatures. However, when a woman answers God’s call for her life she becomes more than just another beauty, she is Anointed. I added an extra “n” to the Anointed because I am seeking a double portion of His anointing in my life and ministry.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

If you were to come over, you’d find me:

1) Watching the “Daystar” or “The Word” Channels. I believe I am addicted.

2) Hanging out with the love-of-my-life Kenton and my CRAZY crew of friends

3) On the computer building a new website.

4) Having a conversation and laughing it up with my parents

On the weekends, you can catch me:

Praising in Church, Hanging with Kenton and meeting up with the Crew.

So, Have you always been in ministry?

Oh yes! It started 16 years ago and has never stopped. I have served as: Youth Mentor, Advisor and Leader, Vice-President of the Northeastern Conference Franco-Haitian Youth Federation, Director of Singles Ministries, Womens Ministries Young Adult Liaison, Young Adult Ministries Board Member, Pathfinder Associate Director, Communications Advisor and Young Adult Bible School Coordinator.

The work of the Lord is my passion and I am grateful that He has called upon me to step out on faith and trust Him to use my family and I to plant new ministries in His name.


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