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Saturday morning I had an interesting talk with one of my best girlfriends, Stephanie, about the Praise factor. We are living in an age where Praise is no longer a sacrifice offering but an art. It almost appears that there are the dos and donts of Praise. You will lift up your hands (though you don’t know why), you will say Hallelujah (though you are texting while saying it), you will recite the same “talk” that every one else says (because it shows that you have the gift of tongues when you actually don’t ). Praise has become an art show and not a personal gift to God for his goodness.

I have had the privilege to attend services at numerous churches across many denominations. I have seen Praise in all formats. Yet, there is one thing that I realize that we, the people of God, have not yet perfected or even understand. WORSHIP. As a special breed of people set aside by God, we have failed to give Him the worship He deserves.

Our fast-paced, I-need-everything-to-happen-now attitude has filtered into our Worship. Everything else gets our very close attention, but God gets what’s left over. Some of us may set time apart in the morning as we should, but how rushed is it? When we meet someone that we truly want to befriend, we take the time to get to know everything about them (well, as much as we can..). Why is this not the same with God?

As our Father and friend, we should devote the time necessary to get to know Him. We CAN’T truly WORSHIP God if we don’t KNOW who he is. We all have an idea who he is but KNOWING him is a whole other ball game. It is when we know Him that we will be able to worship him. It is when we worship him in spirit and in truth that we will be able to offer him a true sacrifice of praise.

True worship doesn’t wait till Sunday/Saturday, it goes on all week. If you worship him daily, the praise team won’t have to coax you into worshipping him in service. If you have set apart time for him on a daily basis, you won’t have to be ramped up to bring forth your praise. As children of God who have been created in his image and redeemed from sin through Jesus Christ, we have a lot to worship him for. When I think about where I would have been if not for God’s grace, I can’t help but to bow down and worship him.

God is a good God. As a matter of fact, he is the ONLY God and he knows every grain of hair on your head. He watches over you and gives us the air we breathe. Let us worship him! Not only for what He has done, is doing or will do, but because of WHO HE IS. Remember, anyone can praise, but can you WORSHIP?

Think about it!

Memory Text

Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth. Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. Know that the LORD is God. It is he who made us, and we are his [a] ; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. -Psalm 100

Prayer Prompt
Dear Lord,
Thank you for being who you are which is everything to me. I apologize for my form of Godliness. Teach me to worship you in spirit and in truth….


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This past weekend Superwoman-Rachel made an extended appearance. I had two research papers due @ midnight and had 10 more pages to go. The crazy thing about it is that I had to fit them between an action packed church weekend. A Friday night black history program, A Women’s International Day of Prayer on Saturday and a full “Family & Friends Day” on Sunday. I started to wonder if i’d make the deadline.

During the afternoon fanfare, I stayed locked up in one of the church offices and started typing away. At 12:04am, both papers were submitted. Though I really worked hard on those papers, I was so tired that I wondered if there was any type of cohesion in my research. I shrugged off the fears and handed them in.

I continued about the business of God and just put my papers in His hands. The days went by and I was so nervous about my grade that I didn’t check. Last night, I mustered up the strength to check the paper that proved the most difficult – Systematic Theology -. I logged in and clicked on grades.

AHHHHHHHHH! (I screamed) Maybe I am seeing things (rub the eyes, blink, rub) OH MY GOOD GOD! Does that say 100 ? I got a perfect score on my research paper. I jumped up for joy and just could not contain myself. I finally settled myself down and I heard a whisper from above.

Just handle my business and I will handle yours. You are not alone. I am running things in your favor. Pay attention to my ministry and I will pay attention to your needs.

God reminded me that it is not by my might or intelligence that I will do everything He has called me to do. (Even up to yesterday He was still revealing His desires for Annointed Beauty Ministries.) Despite the this-is-too-much feeling I sometimes feel, I know that it is by His grace and power that I will fulfill all things.

Many times we feel overwhelmed by the ministries and other goals we have. We feel boggled down and way in over our heads. When God ordered me (yes, he ordered me) to go into Theology school @ Liberty University while still running Annointed Beauty Ministries, I had a lot to say to Him. 1,001 questions came up in a millisecond. However, He has not failed me yet and I know that He will never fail me either. Today, I share my experience to remind you that you will not be able to accomplish anything without the hand and guidance of God. The overwhelming feeling you feel is from trying to do things on your own. You CAN’T!

Only God can help you to get everything done without landing in the psychiatric ward. Whatever you may be trying to bring to pass, remember that you must seek and trust Him to help you. If you are in the ministry He called you to, you MUST rely on Him. You cannot lead His people without HIM. When things feel like you will crumble under the pressure, remember that He is saying to you Just handle Mine and I will handle yours.

Memory Text

So he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. – Zechariah 4:6 (NIV)

Prayer Prompt
Dear Lord,
Thank you for reminding me that I cannot do anything without you. Teach me to walk under the shadow of your wing and give me the strength to fulfill your goals for my life..

Here’s a look at Kenton singing with (Bob Marley’s) I3s at MECUC’s Black History Program…. He sang “I love the Christian Life” and they sounded so good! I love this man!

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Today I am going to spend the day in prayer and meditation. The goal is to spend time talking to my Jesus and making my petitions for my family, relationship, academics and most of all my ministry. The request is for a double portion of His annointing so that His work can be done to His satisfaction and bring glory to His name. My prayer is that He will bless me as He blessed the apostles with the Spirit. I will continue to post my progress throughout the day and share His revelations with you. All are invited to join. If you have a prayer request that you would like for me to bring to the Lord’s throne, leave a comment below.

To the throne we will go at 9am EST.



What can I say but that the Lord came and down and tabernacled with his servant. He was more than just there, He spoke to me on every aspect of my life and clarified His desire for my life. The Word of God is a powerful source and is His way of speaking to His children. He reminded me that He alone is God and that He will make these things that He has promised come to pass. I remember at one point I was taken aback by the strong words He used to describe my call. Yet, like Mary all I can say is let it be done to thy servant as you desire.

I feel truly blessed to have spent this time with the Lord. Sometimes it is better to retreat from the norm and spend some quality time in the presence of the Lord. Just you and the Lord is all you need to tabernacle with Him. There are things that He wants to tell you and He wants no one else around to hear it but you. When He reveals these things to you, don’t just pick up and run around announcing them, take a lesson from Mary and ponder these things. Ponder the things the Lord reveals to you in your heart. Why?

When He spoke to you, you were in the Spirit of God. Therefore, you were able to understand the things of the Lord. When you go to share with someone these things, more than likely they won’t get it because they are trying to comprehend the things of the Lord with a human mind. The Lord is capable of revealing His will to His people in His season. Until then, take to heart what He has revealed to you, prepare your soul through prayer and the study of His Word and WAIT on the Lord.

I pray that you are inspired to spend some time before the throne of God. You will be amazed what He has to say. Just come to His throne with an open heart and willing spirit. God Bless your journey in prayer.

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So today is Day #2 of the Daniel fast and it’s still going strong. I did have a little temptation issue in the buffet line today. That “Creole fried Chicken wings” looked so tasty. But, I DIDN’T FALL! Thank God! Lord knows I love my chicken. Anyway, at the close of my first day and beginning of the next, a new lesson is learned in my walk with the Lord. That Lesson is to learn to listen.

Break-Free Healing Ministry is my full-time ministry for the Lord. He gave it to me while attending church service one weekend and it has taken off like a wildfire. The inspiration for the site can only be accredited to His inspiration. I haven’t really shared it with everyone around me as becauseI want to remain in prayer so the Lord can reveal his perfect will for the ministry. I was so hesitant that I didn’t even want to tell the hubby. lol…

Last night while meeting with a local Pastor and his communications team, I used the site to let them sample a feature that I wanted to add to the site I created for them and one of them memorized the site. Not too long after, I heard “WOW, the site is HOT!” I said thank you. Then, he asked how can he refer a friend that needs some spiritual guidance. I must say, I was appauled because it happened so quickly. I told him I will be adding a Referral feature soon.

As I thought about how things started to blossom, I realized that God was speaking to me through those around me. He wanted me to sit, watch, listen and apply what I saw and heard. It reminds me of the following verses:

Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD …Exodus 14:13

Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s. 2 Chronicles 20:15

Be still, and know that I am God: Psalms 46:10

Armed with these verses, I can no longer fear the unknown because I know where my soul is anchored. I now know what He intends to do for the next 19 days and I am so excited. With God at the wheel, I can rest assured that He will safely take us to the final destination.

God speaks in many ways. Sometimes through friends, acquaintances, strangers, children, dreams, visions, sermons, etc. The key to hearing his voice is seek the spirit of discernment and be willing to hear whatever it is He will say. Do not go in with preconceived notions. Trust Him to relay His will clearly to you and be willing to wait on His revelations.

Sit back and ask yourself, What has God been trying to say to me?

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Well it’s 2010 and we have been blessed to see a new year. One can say that we have been given a second chance to live out our life’s purpose. Many will begin the new year with new year resolutions and will endeavor to accomplish them. However, as we have seen in the past, many will fall short, many will give up, many will just veer off the track. It causes me to wonder why some accomplish their goals while others accomplish none.

One thing that I am certain of  is that no goals or resolutions can be accomplished without the guidance of God, the presence of God and the discernment of His Holy Spirit. God is the author and finisher of our Faith and without Him nothing can and will be accomplished that is worth whille. We must remember that our purpose for being on this earth is to Worship God by serving others, loving one another and honoring His commandments. Once we have resolved to make pleasing God the center of all we do, we will accomplish great things.

There are many out there that have a high call and double portioned annointing on their lives. Unfortunately, they will never live up to what God has in store for them because they have placed the desires and will of man before the will of God. As you enter 2010, ensure that your life revolves around the will of God and remind yourself that you can not live your life seeking to please man. God has a plan for your life and sometimes it will go against the norm. When it does, you want to make sure that you are ready to trust Him even through the ridicules of man, mockeries, being the bunt of jokes, etc.

Remember through it all, they also mocked and ridiculed the Saviour of the world – Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is no shock that they will ridicule you. Stand firm in your walk with the Lord and rely on Him to take you through. He who has begun a good work in you will CERTAINLY finish it. In due time, His master plan will be revealed and it will spread throughout the world like a wildfire and those who ridiculed will come to know that God is God.

My prayer for you in 2010 is that you will develop and unshakeable faith that will stand its ground with a -NO MATTER WHAT- attitude. Let’s do it big in 2010 for Jesus!

Happy New Year!

So service this past weekend was a special one as it was also the last communion service of the year 2009. The Pastor’s sermon called for unity amongst the people and also pleaded with us to forgive one another before partaking of this solemn service. I got a sense that he was talking from the recesses of his heart and truly has been bothered by the spirit of  “divide and conquer” which is prevalent in our church. (Sometimes I would question whether we are in church or some dictatorship regime in a third world country.)

At the end of his sermon we proceeded to the “washing of feet” ceremony which commemorates when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. By doing so, we are reminded that we are meant to serve one another and that no one is more superior to anyone else. On my way back to the main sanctuary, a young lady walks out of the sanctuary annoyed and irritated. I stand there and quickly wonder what could possibly be wrong on this blessed day, she then says are they seriously showing scenes from The Passion of the Christ in the sanctuary?” Then, a close friend of mine asks her why are they showing that? I stood there in total disbelief that they were actually bothered by having scenes from the movie shown in the sanctuary.

I mean if communion is in remembrance of the sufferings endured by our Savior, what is wrong with actually seeing what it could have potentially been like? The traditionalist fanatics were so bothered by this that they completely forgot that they were in the sanctuary and started to murmur until it sounded like loud rumblings.  One person actually walked in and said “Anybody have popcorn? This is ridiculous!” Did I mention that he said this out loud in the sanctuary?

In a time where the world has downright forgotten that there is a God, it is sad to see God’s elect few acting a fool and debating over menial issues. If we can not show scenes of what Jesus endured in the sanctuary where we lift His name, worship Him and call on Him, WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSE TO SHOW IT? It truly saddened my heart to see that in these last days, there are those who will cause souls to be lost because of their personal cultural beliefs that are not at all scripturally-based.

Too many religions are becoming so doctinally-based, that Jesus is just one step away from being pushed right out of the picture all together. I have nothing against doctrine. As a matter of fact, it is a crucial part of any religion. However, any doctrine that does not embrace all of the teachings of Jesus right down to His teachings of compassion and love- is a doctrine that I would question and hesitate to take on. When one claims to be a “Christian” we profess to be living like Christ. Therefore, we must be loving, compassionate, have a servant’s spirit, have an attitude of Gratitude and be clear on the teachings of the Most High.

The world is looking at the way we live and if we do not live up to what we profess we are, then we are doing a disservice to the Kingdom of God. As you enter into the new year, give yourself a self-analysis and determine whether you are representing God the way He ought to be represented? Are you a Bible believer or a doctrine expert? Are you looking to unify others or to divide and conquer them? Are you in the church ministry to win souls or to criticize how things are done?

Where are you in your walk with Christ?

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As I sit here near tears trying to deal with this again, I can’t help but to meditate on the statement made by Jesus when He went back to Nazareth and his own townsmen were teasing and mocking Him.

He said:

“Then Jesus told them, “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his own family.” Matthew 13:57b NLT

This is ever so true. I am definately NOT a prophet. However, I have come to realize when God places a call on your life sometimes the very people you call friends, family, etc. don’t recognize it and put you down. It is one of the most hurtful experiences to go through. It feels like someone has stabbed your heart and is constantly turning the dagger hoping to just gut your heart out. The pain is hurtful and it CUTS so deeply.

However, in my pain I am comforted by the resilience and compassion shown by Jesus Christ. Although He was ridiculed and mocked by His own people, He did not lose focus or steer off the track. He remained on course and continued on the journey set before Him. He knew that it wasn’t about Him. He knew the purpose of His life was greater than Him. He knew that God the Father had a greater plan.

Sometimes in life, your mom, dad, siblings, church family, friends and even your mate may not share in your vision or see your call. They may say hurtful things that make you question whether God has really called you. You may even want to retreat and just tell God that you QUIT. However, you must remember that :

God does not always call the equipped, but He always equips the called.”

God is Faithful and will see all those He has called to the finish line. My prayer is that we, His people, remain steadfast and persevere until He bursts through the clouds in all of His Glory and says unto you and I – “Well Done, thy good and faithful servant. Enter now into the place I have prepared for you.”

Words of Encouragement:

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 3:14 KJV

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day—and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.” 2 Timothy 4:7-8

Stay encouraged and prayed up! The higher the annointing the greater the trials!