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I recently joined a new initiative that was started by a fellow blogger that I don’t even know personally. However, I am in love with her idea and blog ( Every monday I will list atleast 7 things that I am grateful for until I hit the 1,000 MARK. I invite you to join this amazing initiative. An attitude of Gratitude is a great way to build a Christ-like Character. In all things, give Him thanks!

So, Here goes the first 7.

1. I am thankful that God has called me to Ministry

2. I am elated to be the rib of Kenton

3. I am grateful for my Christian parents

4. I am grateful for having a paying job in this economy

5. I am grateful for my true friends

6. I am grateful that God spared my family in Haiti

7. I am grateful that my aunt inspired me to pursue my ministry and I am enrolled full time in the Graduate of Theology program at Liberty University.

Till next Monday! Stay Grateful!


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What in the world possessed me to go back to school at the age of 30? Oh that’s right, GOD TOLD ME TO.

Last night while completing my reading assignment, I came upon the story of Jesus calling Peter a “rock”. The textbook’s author, Dr. Wilmington, notes how Jesus called Peter a “rock” at a time when Peter was anything but stable. We’re talking about a man who had a temper, was a liar and DENIED knowing Christ three times. Yet, Jesus still called him a “rock”.

Dr. Wilmington also correlates this story to that of Gideon. Despite the fact that Gideon asked for so many signs from God that he was one step away from asking God to stand on one foot, God addressed him as a “mighty man of valour”. WHAT? This man had a degree in uncertainty and a minor in doubt. Yet, God still calls him “a mighty man of valour”.

After some meditation, I realized something that had me leaping off of my seat and shouting HALLELUJAH! When God addressed these men, He didn’t call them by who they were now. He called them by who they would become. (Oh shoot, I feel like dancing…don’t you?) This meant God came down and met them where they were. However, God didn’t end the story there. He called them out of where they were to what they will become. Praise God!

What does this mean for us?

It means that it doesn’t matter where you’ve been, where you find yourself now, what faults you have or what others say you are (we talked about this yesterday in “The Unusual Suspects”). God calls you by what you will become. He saw beyond Peter’s temper and Gideon’s doubts.

This reminds me of one of my favorite songs – Amazing Grace. The chorus of this song always brings tears to my eyes. It states:

I shall forever lift mine eyes to calvary.
To view the cross where Jesus died for me.
How marvelous the Grace that caught my falling soul.
HE LOOKED BEYOND MY FAULTS and saw my needs.

This is God’s specialty. He looks beyond our faults and sees our needs and our potential. It is up to us to walk into our purpose and trust Him to bring us to the finish line. Don’t beat yourself up for having faults! Don’t beat yourself up for failing Him in the past! Don’t worry about the soiled reputation that has yet to go away! God has a history of lifting those who have been brought low.

David was a murderer but God calls him the man after His own heart.
Mary Magdalene was a prostitute but God turned her into an evangelist spreading the message of his ressurection. Hallelujah!

God is in the business of turning misfits into Golden gems. No matter where you are right now, what sins you are still battling with, (trust me, we all have skeletons dancing in our closets) or what you’ve done, God can use you.

Abraham was a liar but God made him the father of many nations.

Jacob was a conman but God made him the father of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Guilt is a tool used by the enemy to keep us from walking into our purpose. He will constantly throw your sins in your face and let you beat yourself up till you die. Thankfully God can loose us from our guilt. All we have to do is confess our sins and decide to walk with the Lord. Great things are in store for you, but you must first let go and let God. Jesus has already called you by what you will become. Are you ready to make it a reality?

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come. – 2 Corinthians 5:17

Let Him make you a new creature!

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So, it’s lunch time and I decided to head to Pax and order a Panini. My favorite is the Chicken Vera Cruz but I can’t have any meat so I brilliantly decided to order “Chicken Vera Cruz – No chicken, Please!” I tell you the counter workers looked at me like I just landed off of Mars. I laughed on the inside as I thought about how many times the enemy tried to get me to break my fast. Let me share them with you.

Day #2 – he tried to trick me into ordering my usual evening snack – “The Chicken Pattie” from Golden Krust. But I resisted!

Day #3– Now that little scoundrel knows I love my mother’s cooking. When I got home from work I smelled the aroma from the hallway and rushed in. Guess what mom cooked? GOOD OLE CREOLE CHICKEN! I could have fainted. But I resisted!

Day #4 – I walked into a pizza shop and ordered a slice and a beef patty. I paid and then realized that I ordered a beef patty. The enemy immediately tried to rationalize with me. “Hey, its a recession! You can’t waste food” he said.  “You can alway add an extra day for breaking it today” he said. What did I do? I asked the cook to bag the patty and I roamed the streets for a anyone who is in need. Needless to say I COULDN’T FIND ONE HOMELESS PERSON THAT DAY! Now if you’ve been to New York City, you know that is amazing! Finally he said “Well, what ya gonna do? Can’t waste that patty.”. I looked at the trash and heard him say “You wouldn’t!” I looked at it again…and he said “NO! You wouldn’t!” I said “YES I WOULD AND  I DID!”

Day #5 – Kenton and I went to my buddy Sparkle’s house to plan our annual vacation. Sparkle is a great cook and Lord knows I was hungry. When we got there what did she cook? LAMB CHOPS AND HAM! Satan the RAT, knows I love me some lamb chops! Luckily she also cooked vegetable fried rice & steamed veggies and guess what? That is all I had and it was still GOOD!

Today – Day #8, he tried to make me look stupid by making the counter guys look at me like I ordered something from outerspace! He knows I hate to be embarassed so he thought embarassment would cause me to break my vow. Well, DEVIL YOU ARE A LIAR! I not only proudly placed my order, but I am eating it right now and it is GOOD!

When you choose to enter into a period of prayer and fasting, the enemy will come against you in everyway possible because he knows that you are going to hear a word from the Lord and he refuses to let that happen. He will use friends, family and anything he can get his hands on to deter you from keeping your promise to God. I am so grateful that God has empowered me to resist. There is a sense of clarity and change that takes place when one chooses to fast and it feels amazing. Don’t let the enemy of your soul ever come between you and your communion with God.

Remember, what you have given up to commune with the Lord is only for but a short time and God appreciates your sacrifice. You may be amazed how you survive without the very thing you never thought you could live without.

To those currently fasting, stay prayed up and steady!

God Bless!

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Well, it’s about that time. You know, the time where most of us sit down and draw up new year resolutions and swear that we will get them all done because this is the year.  As I sit here analyzing the year 2008, I am grateful for all the blessings and all the accomplishments that God has allowed me to have. It has truly been an awesome year for many of us and we ought to give praise where praise is due. I have seen the birth of many new journeys and ministries. My prayer is that as we go into the new year, we take a stand to truly develop a deeper relationship with the Almighty.


One thing that I have noticed this year is the increasing amount of entertaining ministries. However, these ministries only scratch the surface of what ministries truly ought to be. To minister to others requires annointing, humbleness and a direct communication stream with the one and only God. It is nice to have pomp and circumstance, but will pomp and circumstance get them to heaven.  Drawing the crowds to a service is awesome, but it is how many are drawn to the altar that matter.

Is your ministry winning souls? Or is it filling seats? 2009 is upon us and like many of you I am taking the time to analyze my ministry shortcomings and petitioning with God for a better annointed ministry. I sincerely hope that you will also take stake of your ministry and ask God to be the center and foundation of it all. Afterall, if He is not the focus, then what are you ministering about?

Take this month to do a Spiritual cleanse, seek God’s face and ask Him to direct your path. Place your ministry in His hands and lift Him up in 2009.

Let’s embark on Called 2 Ministry’s new Mission



Love always,

Your Sister in Christ,

Rachel Ineus

It’s been a while since we’ve written. Like all ministries, we often get discouraged by the many obstacles placed in our way. The enemy has been hard at work and in my break from Called 2 Ministry, I have been able to access the current condition of our local churches and it brings me to tears. I wonder if God is crying too.

What has happened to our churches? It has become about entertainment and quantity. If the music is pumping and the crowds are following then this is the happening church. This is where I must be. It is sad that leaders have to beg us to attend Sabbath School, Bible Study, and anything that has substance but if it’s a concert, musical, play or whatever creative measures we now use to “ENTERTAIN”, we are there by the hundreds. Don’t get me wrong! I am all for creativity and thinking out of the box. However, the same enthusiasm should be seen in all aspects of service.

Church the new sleeping station

It appears that Pastors and leaders will soon have to resort to doing acrobatics and putting on shows in order to prevent our congregation from looking like they are being tortured.

I am calling on young people to take a real good look at their relationship with God. Is your walk based on where the latest hype is? Is your relationship based on whether the Preacher puts on a show? Is your relationship based on how fly the Praise team is? Is your relationship based on how divafied your click looks? Is your relationship based on how GQ’d the crew looks? Is it a matter of where the ladies are at? Or ladies is it about the fellas? What is driving your relationship with God? Better yet, DO YOU REALLY HAVE A RELATIONSHIP OR IS IT ALL ABOUT THE HYPE?

Lastly, Are we Born Again Christians or BORED AGAIN CHRISTIANS? God has done so much for us that even if a service isn’t as poppin as you’d like it to be or the Praise team is not as Harmonious as you demand they be, GOD’S SACRIFICE FOR YOU SHOULD HAVE YOU LEAPING OFF YOUR PEW AND PRAISING HIM ANYHOW. One’s praise should not rely on any external factors.

When we call ourselves Christians, we are professing to be Christ-like. We are stating to the world that Christ lives within us and that we are His ambassadors on earth.

If this is so, we are falling short in one very pertinent area of being Christ-like. That pertinent area is the “Servant Attitude”.  Although Christ was the Son of God, He managed to meet everyone where they were.

jesus16healing.jpg healing1.jpg myjesus.jpg

He fed the hungry, He healed the leper, Gave sight to the blind, Made the lame walk, Resurrected the dead and most of all Died to save all. Christ taught us that in order to save someone, we must meet them where they are and supply their needs.

As Christian youth living on American soil, we are a privileged people. We have beds to sleep in, food to eat, clothing on our backs and money in our pockets. However, many of our brethren are struggling to find a grain of rice to eat. Many children around the world are going to bed hungry. Many parents have no clue how they will feed their families for the day. IT’S RELEVANT EVEN IN OUR LOCAL CHURCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Courtesy of Voices for Haiti


Courtesy of Voices for Haiti


Courtesy for Voices for Haiti

If we look at the life of Christ, we will see that he met the need FIRST! Then, He shared the Good News. We need to revamp our methods of outreach and take on a “MEET then Preach” approach.

MEET the need


PREACH the Word….

An individual is more willing to hear whatever you have to say, AFTER you have met them where they are and supplied their needs. Preaching the Word of God to a starving man will in no way show him the Love of God. Give him a plate of food. Then, tell him that this very encounter was orchestrated by God.



Works in Conjunction with Faith



“For without faith, it is impossible to please Him”. Let me be so bold to say that the reason that many of us cannot walk a life that is pleasing to the Lord is simply because we are not working towards a life that is pleasing to Him. I am talking about the yearning, the grinding, the striving and so on. With our mouth, we may claim that we want to walk holy or live holy, but our actions say something completely different. We are satisfied with being saved, and redeemed. If you notice, I left off a cliché that usually follows that statement: “…Holy Ghost filled”. I omitted that statement because through witnessing the lives that some of us, who are allegedly “saved”, live and the things that we do, I cannot imagine the Holy Ghost wanting to stand by to “fill” us.   Now, I could have spent an entire paragraph or two backpedaling on the issue at hand, but I decided to get straight to the point and tell everyone, better yet, let the Word of God say it for me: “…FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD” James 2:26



We have heard it said before that it is not your works that saves you, which is a completely true statement. There is no doubt about that. One is not justified by works, but by faith. Your works are a derivative of your faith. Your works are what keep you in your faith. Your faith is not visible, people cannot see your faith, but your works publicly declare your faith. Hence, it is safe to say that a lack of works could be a direct correlation to a lack of faith. A lack of faith is reciprocated with a lack of works. Confused yet??? Not my intention, let’s clear it up a little bit.


 The word of God tells us in John 14:15 “If ye love me, keep my commandments”. When we become believers in Christ, and we decide to proclaim “faith” and to show our faith, God sets His requirement and give us basic mandates to live by; to truly represent Him. He tells us to “be”, “keep”, “go”, etc…  All of which connotes works. There are certain standards, values, and requirements that the Lord has for us, if we are truly to be set apart. And we have to “work” at it, with the help of the Holy Spirit. It’s not enough for our prayer requests to be “pray for my spiritual life” but we’re not putting in the effort or the “work” to have that desired spiritual life.



As a Christian society, especially with this generation, we have become so satisfied with giving God the minimal when it comes to our lives and ourselves; to live the life that He has called us to live. Worst yet, many have made God, or godly living, a secondary notion. Although Christ is our Lord and Savior, we tend to accept wholeheartedly the “Savior concept”, but overlook, even deny, the “Lord concept”. We are always happy to look for the redeeming face of God for our lives, but yet we reject His Lordship over our lives. If that statement was not so, then we would strive more to live the life that He has called us to live; a life of holiness (Leviticus 11:44-45 and 1 Peter 1:16), a sacrificial life (Romans 12:1), and a renewed life (2 Corinthians 5:17 and Galatians 6:15). We would go harder to “BE”, “KEEP”, “GO”, etc…We still want to live the same way we did yesterday: still going about our own way, still being promiscuous, still cursing, still fornicating, still being unequally yoked in various ways. Then again, we are claiming faith, yet not “working” to change. But yet Jesus tells us “IF ye love me (if you have faith), keep my commandments (“BE”, “KEEP”, “GO” etc…)”.  Where is the work to strive to live the holy, sacrificial, and renewed life that He has called us to live? When He says left, we go right. When He says up, we go down. When He says no, we say yes. What about His Lordship over our lives? With that lack of “work” to live the life that He’s called us to live, how can we say we have “faith”? God has called us to “work” to live a life of “faith”. Work in conjunction with faith.



Due to the lack of understanding on how “works” and “faith” are conjoint, ministries are suffering. We do not have the concept of making ourselves available to “work in the vineyard”. That is another area of “works”. I am making the transition from working on yourself, living the life that He’s called you to live, to working for the Lord. Since we don’t have the basic concept of “works” in conjunction with “faith”, we therefore have no passion for the Lord’s work. An example as basic as church attendance is not understood. God commands us not to “[forsake] the assembling of ourselves together…” In other words, go to church. I don’t know how many times I’ve had the “Why weren’t you in church?” conversation with some of the young people at my church. The excuse is always the same:

  • “I was too tired”
  • “I did not have a ride”
  • “I didn’t feel like coming today”
  • “My mother did not wake me up”

And the list goes on and on and on. However, we do not use any of these excuses when it comes to going to work, to school, to that party, etc…A lack of understanding of “works” in conjunction with “faith” is detrimental to the individual, to ministries, to the churches, and to the body of Christ in general.



As I stated before “FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD”. James 2:14-26



Irventz I. Garcon is a member of Good Shepherd Baptist Church, where he is President of the Construction Committee, Sunday School Teacher, a Youth Leader, and a Tenor in the Choir Good Shepherd Ministries. Irventz has been working in youth ministry for close to 10 years although; he is a young man still. His passion is to educate and exhort the youth lovingly in the ways of the Lord.

His motto is “although not perfect, but still striving for perfection”