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Time for some more things I am grateful for. Feel free to join our gratitude community! We’d love to have you over @ Ann Voskamp’s site.

#26 – It’s been 30 days since my 30th Birthday
#27 – I survived by first semester of theology school
#28 – My Hot water heater was fixed last week (we can stop boiling water now)
#29 – A great dinner date with some cool friends and family
#30 – Daily Inspiration from the Word of God

What are you grateful for? Do share!


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As always, we participate in the wonderful Multitude Monday program hosted by Ann Voskamp.

Earlier today, I posted a devotion on my friend Ritha’s trip to Haiti. Since her departure, we have kept in touch via email. The pictures she has sent me are touching and heart breaking (you can see them here). To see all of these precious CUTE children out on the street BREAKS my heart. Now more than ever, an attitude of Gratitude has become a crucial part of my life. When I think that I could have been in their place had it not been for the grace of God, I just have to be grateful.

I thank God for everything He has done, is doing and WILL DO for me and my family. Remember, you are owed nothing but GOD still provides for your needs. So, PRAISE HIM!

Today, I am grateful for:

#22 – I am alive
#23 – I have food
#24 – I HAVE A JOB (I know, I know, I am grateful for this every week but have you heard about the economy?)
#24 – I am writing my first book

What are you grateful for? SHARE!

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We are continuing our count of 1,000 things to be grateful for. I have partnered up with one of my favorite bloggers -Ann Voskamp- in this wonderful mission to help others develop an attitude of Gratitude.

Here goes:

15. a man who is willing to stay up with me till after midnight to encourage me as I write two research papers when he has to be up in 5 hours

16. a crew of friends who are sold out for Jesus

17. parents who are still in health

18. a chance to hear a word from God on a weekly basis

19. a ministry that I LOVE TO DO!


21. a purpose for my life…

What are you grateful for? Share with us! We would love to hear your Praise Report!

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As you all know, I have partnered up with and will participate in Multitude Mondays. This is such a great idea. I encourage every blogger to partake in this program. The goal of this program is for us to develop an attitude of gratitude. Every Monday, we are just required to post a few things that we are grateful for. I have decided to post 7 items a week.

Here goes:

#8 – For my Salvation through Jesus
#9 – For the safety of my family in Haiti
#10- For my parents health
#11- For God’s daily inspirations
#12 – For a brand new day
#13 – For the mansion being prepared for me out there
#14 – For every calamity that had my name on it that God prevented from coming near me.

Do you have anything to be grateful for? Do share!

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I recently joined a new initiative that was started by a fellow blogger that I don’t even know personally. However, I am in love with her idea and blog ( Every monday I will list atleast 7 things that I am grateful for until I hit the 1,000 MARK. I invite you to join this amazing initiative. An attitude of Gratitude is a great way to build a Christ-like Character. In all things, give Him thanks!

So, Here goes the first 7.

1. I am thankful that God has called me to Ministry

2. I am elated to be the rib of Kenton

3. I am grateful for my Christian parents

4. I am grateful for having a paying job in this economy

5. I am grateful for my true friends

6. I am grateful that God spared my family in Haiti

7. I am grateful that my aunt inspired me to pursue my ministry and I am enrolled full time in the Graduate of Theology program at Liberty University.

Till next Monday! Stay Grateful!

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