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A few days ago millions sat in front of their televisions to watch President Obama deliver the state of the union address. As he delivered his speech, you could clearly see the divide between the two parties. The democrats were giving him standing ovations on almost 90% of everything he said, while the republicans clearly displayed their disatisfaction by remaining seated and silent.

I sat there and watched how the nation hung on his every word and were looking to him for a change in the economic, education and health sectors (amongst others). What are his plans? When will he put them into action? How will he implement them? Those were some of the questions on everyone’s mind. It amazed me how millions of people were looking to one man for hope and change. It caused me to think, God has delivered His state of the union address many moons ago. As a matter of fact His state of the union address has been printed and been a bestseller since the beginning of time.

In His state of the union address, He not only tells us where we are, how low we’ve fallen and how past actions played a role in our current status, He also gives us a clear cut reform plan.

His economic stimulus plan – 10% = Floodgates!

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. Malachi 3:10 (NIV)

His education plan – JUST ASK!

But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach and it will be given to him. James 1:5 (NASB)

His health reform – Believe and Be healed!

Psalm 34:19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all.”

Jeremiah 30:17 For I will restore health unto you and I will heal you of your wounds, saith the Lord.”

God has delivered a state of the union address we can rely on. His past actions were mind blowing. His current actions are simply amazing and His future actions are world changing.Our union with God is the change we can and need to believe in. We ought to be hanging on every word that comes from the Word of God. We ought to place our hope in the One who is infallible.

God is the only person who can bring change that is permanent. Whatever it is you may be looking for in life, seek God and if it be in accordance with His perfect will, it will come to pass. Put your trust in God for He will never and can never fail you. All He ask in order for you to partake in the blessings, is that you unite with Him. Once you have taken this simple step, His plans will now drastically change the state of YOUR union.

I don’t know whether you’ve lost a job, fallen into debt, been diagnosed with cancer or been dismissed from school for financial issues, one thing I do know is that God has a plan for you and He waiting on you to allow Him to put it into action. All He ask is that you seek Him.

Today, take a minute to analyze the state of YOUR union. On what or whom have you layed your hope?

Memory Text:
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. And all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Prayer Prompt:
Lord, thank you for being the change I can believe in. Please help me to rely on your infallible Word and to place my trust in Your master plan. Thank you in advance for my breakthroughs and…..


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So yesterday my family and I set out to put in an application for an apartment. I filled out the form and handed it to the young lady. She took it and put in a rolodex and told us Debbie would get back to us. I was a bit disappointed that we weren’t shown some immediate options. However, I quickly reminded myself that God has a plan and I needed to wait on Him.

As we walked to the bus stop, I noticed that my mom’s demeanor had completely changed and that she had plunged even deeper into her depression. I quickly sprung into my speak-life-and-uplift-her- mode. I have always been a motivational source within my family. You know, the one who runs to everyone’s rescue. Don’t you see my cape?

Unfortunately, sometimes this leaves me without a resting place. As I worked on reassuring her spirit, I was also reassuring my dad while trying my best to keep my spirit above the waters. My dad decided to take a walk around the neighborhood while my mom and I waited for the bus to head home. While waiting on the never-on-time-Bergen-Beach-bus, mom pulled out her cell phone and called her lil sister for some encouragement. “Ah! I’m finally able to focus on building myself up for a minute”, I said to myself.

While standing there making my concerns known to God, I began singing some french hymns that I haven’t heard in a while. Huh, where’d that come from? I don’t even know the words to this song. As a matter of fact, I rarely hear this song. Why am I singing it? , I thought. The song which had me puzzled was, “J’ai quite le ciel pour toi” (I left heaven for you). As I hummed the song and sang the very few words I knew in my head, I realized that it was a love song from Jesus. The Spirit was singing this song to comfort me. It is then that I realized, The Spirit SINGS. Because I was feeling mentally burdened and emotionally overwhelmed, God caused the Spirit to sing.

Isn’t it amazing that in my state of confusion and moment of despair, God gave His Spirit a song to sing. God sent me a message of comfort through His Messenger. It is comforting to know that He will strengthen me in all circumstances and by any means necessary. So although I felt like I had no one to lean on at that moment, (the hubby was at leadership training) He sent His Spirit to be my rock.

As women, we are professional multi-taskers and unfortunately we get so caught up in helping others that we sometimes forget how to help ourselves. But Praise be to God that although we may sometimes forget ourselves, He will never forget us. When we don’t know how to comfort ourselves, He will sing to us a love song and remind us that He is still there.

The first sentence of the chorus to this beautiful french hymn goes on to say, “Je suis ton Sauveur, ton ami” (I am your Savior and your friend). How wonderful is that! In these two sentences He answered all of my silent concerns. He reminded me that He left heaven for me to show me how much he loves me. Then, He went on to remind me that He is my Savior and Friend. He is the one who can and will save me and He is also the friend who will hold me up. Wow, God is my friend. Now I am certain that He is my sure foundation.

The next time you start humming a hymn or gospel song you haven’t heard in a while (like since childhood), stop and run through the words. It may be that God has something to say. Better yet, He’s singing you a love song.

What a Savior and what a Friend!

Isn’t t good to know that the Spirit sings?

Memory Verse:
In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do no know what we ought to pray for but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. Romans 8:26

Prayer Prompt:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for leaving Heaven for me. I am so grateful that you loved me enough to come to this wretched world. I am comforted in knowing that you are my Savior and Friend. Now I know that when my spirits are down, you will cause your Spirit to sing. Thank you for being my rock and….

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One of our young ladies delivered a powerful message today. She focused her message on Mark 9 beginning from verse 17. In this story, we are told that a father brought a child who had a dumb (mute) and deaf spirit. The father brought him to Jesus for healing. Jesus asked him do you believe? He replied,

Lord,I believe; help thou my unbelief. Mark 9:24

How can one believe and yet ask Jesus to help your unbelief? Well, have you ever believed Jesus for something and found yourself doubting or getting weary during the waiting process? You believe Jesus can do it but you wonder when. We all have been in a state of unbelief atleast once in our lives.

As I sit here writing this message, I am battling with unbelief. I am believing God for a breakthrough but the wait and pressing timeline is throwing me for a loop. It is extremely hard to remain steady when the ground beneath you is starting to give way and you don’t see your deliverance anywhere near. However, I am assured that God has a way out for my family and we just need to trust Him.

Trust Him to see us through. Trust Him to light a path in the darkness. Trust Him to pave the way in the wilderness. Trust Him to make a river flow in the desert. Trust Him to make a dry path in the middle of the sea. We need to trust the God of the impossible to make all things possible. I may not see the miracles right now, but I know they are working in my favor.

Faith is not seeing but believing while not seeing. God wants us to believe in Him even when we don’t yet see what He is doing. There is a blessing in believing without seeing.

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29 (NIV)

We are a blessed people. Why? For we believe in God without ever seeing Him. Unlike the Israelites who had to privilege of seeing God’s hand in delivering them out of Egypt, we have not seen any of these miracles for ourselves. However, we believe in God simply because we are convicted through His Living Word.

I may not know when God will show up but I know He is an on time God. I may not know how He will deliver me but I know He will. I am trusting in Him and walking by Faith. It’s not easy, but God is my source of strength.

The Bible says “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”
I am taking God up on that challenge. He has invited me to stand on His promises. He has asked me to see that He is good. So I will Taste His promises and See how good He is.

I may not have a clue what you are going through right now. However I know a man who can bring you out. Is it sickness? He’s the ultimate healer. Facing death? He ressurects the dead. Financial issues? He owns the whole world. Hungry? He can fill you up. Thirsty? He gives living water. Whatever your need may be today, Christ is the answer. Look up and stand firm for your deliverance is on the way. Don’t give up, for your blessing is near. Even if your back is against the wall, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

Memory Text:
Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8

Prayer prompt:
Dear Lord,
I am going through right now and I just feel like I am sinking. Lord I believe that you can bring me out but Lord I need you to help me to continue believing you for a miracle. Father, the ground beneath me is giving way. Lord hold me in the palm of your hand and keep me steady. I may not see my deliverance right now, but I know it’s coming. Thank you in advance for my breakthrough.
In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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“Bye Mom, Bye Dad” I said. I rushed out of the house and into the cold as I headed to Utica Avenue to catch the bus. The funds are kind of low today so no dollar cab (really $2 now) for me. As I dipped my metrocard in the slot I greeted the bus driver with a “Good Morning!”. He nodded and replied, “God’s Morning”. I smiled as I walked to my seat and contemplated on this for a moment. He’s absolutely right. It is indeed God’s Morning.  God causes the sun to shine, the bird’s to fly and the flowers to bloom. There is nothing that has not been created by our God. The bible says the earth was without form and God came down and spoke everything into existence.

This causes me to think, if God can speak the world into existence, if He can make man from the dust of the earth and breathe life into him and cause him to live, if he can create the birds of the air and the beast of the fields, then my God can surely take care of me. Sometimes the troubles of this world threaten to cause us to overlook the magnificence of God. His awesomeness and power can be seen in every creation around us. Even the skycrapers of New York City display the grandeur of our God. If it were not for the intelligence given to man, none of these marvels would exist.

As I woke up this morning, the enemy threatened to discourage me by surrounding me with sadness, depression and doubt. However, I was quickly reminded of what Jesus told the disciples. If God can care for the itsy bitsy sparrow, he surely can and will take care of me. There’s a song that comes to mind and it says:

Though the storms may rise
Though the winds may blow
I know the Lord is by my side
To comfort and to guide
This I know
I’m gonna make it
I can’t turn back now

God walks with us through all of our trials. When we cry, He cries. When we hurt, He hurts. The great comfort is that although He too feels our pain, He has already devised a way out of your situation. You will come out of it ALIVE. Just trust God to see you through this and every situation. As you trust Him, I invite you to sing with me:

I’m reaching for the Prize
Yes I am
I’m reaching for the Prize
I can’t turn back now

Look around you and see the beauty of God’s morning and continue to reach for the prize. Let nothing get you down. Keep your spirits up and your faith steady for God is still on the throne and He is holding you in the palm of His hand. Look up, to the left, to the right and all around and enjoy God’s Morning for it was created just for YOU!

Memory Verse:
The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1

Prayer Prompt:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for allowing me to see another beautiful “God’s Morning”. I am grateful that you loved me enough to create such a beautiful place just for me. I pray that you will help me to learn how to enjoy it and that it will serve as a constant reminder of your love for me. In and through all things, I will continue to praise You and reach for the prize….

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On Saturday evening, the hubby and I went to a benefit concert being sponsored at a local church on behalf of Haiti. When we arrived there it was almost filled to capacity. It was great to see youngsters who felt passionately enough about Haiti to bring all of their friends to the concert to help raise money.

While waiting for the concert to start, I noticed the amount of to and fro that took place. It was almost as though a “fashion show” was going on. Everyone wanted to be seen or in some cases heard. The concert finally began with a praise and worship segment by Esther Lormil & friends. I must say although this is only the second time that I have been privileged to hear this young lady sing, she is just ANOINTED for worship.

As we sang “How great is our God”, I just felt a fresh wind and sense of joy as I was being ushered into the presence of God. After her worship segment and a few other intro items, the invited artists began gracing the stage. I observed the crowd and noticed how much talking, criticizing, and sizing-up was going on in the assembly. I wondered if they had forgotten where they were and why they’ve come.

As the night went on, many beautiful selections were presented. Near the concert’s end, David Metayer & One Accord went up. They are a very popular group in the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area. Before they ministered, David shared an experience with us. He shared that as he arrived at the concert, a group approached him and asked him did he sing yet. He said No. They then informed him that they traveled all the way from New Jersey just to hear him sing.

When he shared this, I was a little taken aback. “Wow! That’s commitment.” I said to myself. He then proceeded to point out that if you are always following man for a blessing, you will never be blessed. I thought about his statement for a minute and realized that a large portion of the concert attendees consisted of individuals who had particularly showed up to see or support their favorite group. Although there is nothing wrong with supporting an artist, we must check ourselves and ensure that we are not forgotten why we’ve come into the presence of the Lord.

It is not about the choir, singer, praise team or speaker; it is about God. We must not get so caught up in being a fan of man that we forget to be a worshipper of God. The artist, speaker or minister you admire is not who they are in and of themselves. It is the grace and MERCY of God that has allowed them to grace his presence and be a blessing to you. Therefore, the true focus of your admiration and praise should be none other than God. This reminds me of a song sung by Kiera Sheard. It is entitled: Make me invisible.

The crowd applauds and now your on
They start to play your song
Did He even come along
Or did He get left behind
The day that you decided
You would out shine His light
But He’s headlining this show
To introduce Him is what I’m here for
So without further delay
It’s times to take to the stage
And I move out the way
So that they only see
You that’s inside of me
Don’t let me block the view
That’s not what I wanna do
I gotta be see through
Make sure they see You
Make me invisible

Kiera has got the right idea. When you enter into the presence of God, it is His time. He is the star and that settles it. Your ministry should never uplift you more than uplifting God. Even your worship should never be dependent on how you feel today, which praise team is up there, which speaker is preaching or what soloist is singing. The only thing that matters is, IS GOD HERE?

I commend David Metayer for his willingness to set things straight and deter the attention to the true ONE who deserves it – God. Never allow yourself to think that your accomplishments are self-made. Without God you wouldn’t touch the heart of even an ant. It is His anointing, MERCY and grace that has brought you this far and will take you even higher. Lower YOU and uplift Him- this is the motto of every true ministry that is about the Father’s business.

Today, analyze your ministry and your life. See to it that all you do is to the glory of God and not of man. As human beings we all have a desire for recognition. This is normal. However, do not allow it to cause you to stand in front God instead of behind Him. Let God praise you. His recognition last forever. The next time you enter into the presence of God, ask yourself “why have I come?”

Memory Verse:
Whoever speaks, is to do so as one who is speaking the utterances of God; whoever serves is to do so as one who is serving by the strength which God supplies; so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. 1 Peter 4:11 (NASB)

Prayer Prompt:
“Dear Lord,
Help me to be invisible in my ministry and let others only see You instead of me. Forgive me if I have ever glorified myself instead of glorifying you. Teach me to remember why I have come into your presence and……”

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One of my all time favorite songs is “People get ready”.

People get ready.
There’s a train a-coming.
You don’t need no baggage.
You just get on board.
All you need is faith to hear diesels humming.
You don’t need no ticket.
You just thank the Lord.
Yeah yeah yeah
People get ready
For the train to Jordan.

Seal sang this song tonight on the Larry King 2hr help Haiti special. As I listened to the song, the lyrics really hit home. In these last days we need to be reminded that the train to Jordan is coming and we need to get on board. Tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, what will it take to get you to leave your baggage and just get on board?

We have gotten so attached to our material goods and the posh lifestyles we have or aspire to gain. We are so consumed by these perishable items that we’ve forgotten that we can’t take them with us on the train to Jordan. We were not created to hog up all the riches we can find. We were created to bring Glory to God through our service to one another.

Another stanza of the song states:

Now there ain’t no room for the hopeless sinner
Who’s hard on mankind just to save his own
Have pity on those whose chances are thinner
Cause there’s no hiding place
From the Kingdom’s Throne

Aside from hording riches, many have become experts at taking advantage of those less fortunate than them. We must remember that no matter how much money can potentially be made, we must never gain through the oppression of others. The great command is to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we are not oppressed why are we oppressing our brothers?

The time has come for us to make decisions based on the moral values and standards that we hold dear. It is not enough to wear the cloak of Christianity, we must also live it. Your faith is not fully appreciated until your neighbors see it in your lifestyle. You can shout it from the rooftop but if it is not deeply embedded into your life, it will be of no good to anyone.

This year resolve to live your life as though you are expecting a train to JORDAN. Love one another, help one another, serve GOD and be attached to NOTHING of this world. Remember the train that’s coming doesn’t take baggage, just get on board.

Are you ready?

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This morning I attended two services. Perfecting Faith church with Pastor Donnie Mcklurkin and World Changes church with Dr. Creflo Dollar. Both services were powerful and delivered messages that I needed to hear. Dr. Dollar’s message is one that I would like to share with you.

For many years I have been teaching that the mind is the ultimate prize the enemy would like to win to himself. He would love nothing more that to be able to control your thoughts and cause you to live a sub-par life. He infects you with fear and fear nurtures disbelief. Disbelief in God’s sovereignty will block your blessings and this is the devil’s aim.

If he can get you to doubt the power of God and His promises to sustain you, then you will no longer be walking in faith and without faith in the promises of God, you will delay your own blessings. Doubt and fear are not attributes of a Godly character. How can one profess to be a Christian and not believe in the awesomeness and power of God?

How can you teach someone about the Most High God and not believe in His power? How can you teach someone what you don’t believe? We serve the same God who parted a sea and caused His people to walk throught it on dry land and then turned around and made a stream in the dessert. I don’t know about you, but if my God can and has done all of these great things, how can I not believe that He will bring me out of my little situation.

As Christians we must not allow doubt or fear to enter our minds, why? Fear is NOT of God. Fear is the enemy’s playing feild. Once you fear, he has already found a way into your life. Don’t let that vermin into your life. When the enemy threathens to take away your joy, I want you to throw these verses at him.

The angel of the Lord encamps around those who reverence him….Psalms 34:7

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Isaiah 54:17

If God be for me, who shall be against me. Romans 8:31

Though a 1000 may fall at my left and 10000 at my right, they shall not come near me for the Lord is with me. Psalm 91:7

The God we serve is mighty. He is strong in battle. Let Him take control of your life and He will surely bring you through.

God Bless You all.

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