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Annointed Beauty Daily Devotions Ministry

I have had the privilege of hearing what my mentees and readers feel about my ministry and it always brings tears to my eyes. It is great to hear these things while I am still alive and they have served as my motivation to keep on keeping on in the work of the Lord. I love you guys too!

Chrys V. Brooklyn, New York
Sistah, she’s been on my mind, sistah, she’s one of a kind, oh my, sister, I bet u want to know a lil more? lol, this is my big sis, Sha-sha, woops, don’t beat me it slipped. lol. I love her and look up to her as a woman, both spiritual, beautiful (inside n out), and very intelligent. She is among the true Hebron Youth. The true Hebron Youth were those in her time, the ones that stood out and were people you could look up to. She is spiritual, and she put us in our place, when us younger ones, tend to go astray. Now here I am, at 15, labeled a youth. I use her example as to how I should lead the younger ones and set an example as well, so that if I ever were to leave, I’d leave footprints in their heart, just like Rachel has done for me. sorry this is so long, but this is my sister right here. She always makes me smile and she’s str8 forward. She’s a no-nonsense, lady! Luv you, Rach.

Rachel I. Brooklyn, New York
Everyone this is my role- model. Not only cause I stole her name. Well not really. But she is beautiful and bold and knows her right from wrong. Isn’t that a person you should follow. But not only that, she has done alot for our church and the youth federation. She is very blessed and truly loving. Much luv 2 u. Stay true to yourself.

Dorothy C. Brooklyn, New York
Rachel is a woman that you want in your life. She is a woman of Christ and she is devoted to her friends and family. She is my spirtual sister and I love that I can call her and have biblical conversations with her at any moment. She is sweet, loving and I belive that she is destined for greatness.

Suzie P. Baltimore, Maryland
What can I say except that Rachel is a blessed woman of God.

Alissa Wagner @
I looooooooove your blog. You are certainly blessing people!!!!

Cielito, United States
I have read a top “New York Times Best Selling” Christian author and the writing wasn’t as compelling as yours. Your openness and vulnerability is refreshing. I hope you eventually publish a book read by millions and translated into dozens of languages!

Felicity Murray, New York City
You are such a blessing, Rachel. I rely on your devotions every morning to get through the day. God Bless You!

Pierson Cesar, Brooklyn New York (R.I.P. Pierson..We Miss You!)
Rachel has always been my “Nathan”. Always reminding me of what I am suppose to be doing. Just when you think you’re free and clear, Nathan chops you down and sets you on the right path. This girl is going places. (relayed by his sister Dorothy)

Stephanie P. Brice, Mill Basin, Brooklyn
I am really proud of you. You are a woman of God using your many talents. Keep on doing your thing girl. Love, Steph (submitted through Called2Ministry)


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